Georgia Kouslow’s broken heart as a Greek Nan with dementia “forgets how to speak English”

Georgia Kouslow He talked about the difficulty of being loved by dementia and how difficult it was for her Nan and others in her family due to the ongoing pandemic.

Nan, Georgia, who she calls her Yia Yia (Grandma in Greek), was diagnosed with this condition a few years ago and is now being taken care of at her home in England.

She lives just 35 minutes from Georgia, but is 30 years old. TOWIE The star couldn’t visit her for a while because of the pandemic. So her boy Brody, now seven months old, hasn’t seen his great-grandmother yet.

Georgia Kouslow gave birth to baby Brody in May

“I didn’t go to a nursing home during my pregnancy. Brody has been seven months old and has never met her,” Georgia said. understood!..

“At this point, I think we are allowing visitors, but we need to wear a visor, etc. Children under the age of 3 are not allowed and I have to raise children . “

“But that doesn’t matter,” she continued. “Because of her dementia, she forgot how to speak English, so I really don’t speak Greek so I have to go there with my dad so he can translate.

“It’s a little nightmare.”

Georgia calls her Nan her Yia Yia
Georgia calls her Nan her Yia Yia

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Georgia further expressed concern that Nan and Brody were still “a little dangerous” to meet, but hoped that one day she would be able to take pictures of them together.

She states:

“What we were doing was taking her from the care facility to a local cafe down the road. I thought I could do that. Take Brody there. It’s only 35 minutes. “

“They’ve met at FaceTime and she loves babies. She doesn’t understand who he is, but I really want a picture of these two, but how now I don’t know if I’ll get it, “Georgia continued. ..

Georgia hopes to be able to take pictures of her Nan and Brody together someday.
Georgia hopes to be able to take pictures of her Nan and Brody together someday.

Like many families with dementia lovers, Georgia said her Nan’s condition was pandemic and sadly worsened, and her dad “noticed such a difference.”

“My dad visits her every week-obviously there were times when he couldn’t visit her-but he says he noticed such a difference,” Georgia explained.

“In the middle of a pandemic, he wasn’t allowed to see her, and when he was able to visit back, he just said she didn’t have it.

“My Yia Yia is very comfortable to touch and grabs your hand and kisses. She communicates by touching. That’s part of it because she really enjoys it. She’s so adorable. And obviously my dad had. When I looked at her through the screen many times, he didn’t get anything back from her. She didn’t know who he was. “

Georgia Kouslow sent a very general tip to ask Tommy Mallet to propose.
Georgia partnered with dementia UK and Christmas

Georgia has partnered with Dementia UK during this festive season in light of first-hand witnessing her Nan’s condition. Don’t forget the star campaignThis helps charities fund more admiral nurses and provide life-changing care and support to families with all forms of dementia.

Talking about the partnership with UK dementia, Georgia said understood!: “It makes sense to partner with Dementia UK because their work is great. Especially for dementia, it’s a 24/7 job, so it’s very hard to be a nurse. It’s hard. Anyone who works until 5 pm and then takes care of them is okay. “

“Christmas is about my family. For me, I lived in Cyprus when I was young, so I came with my grandpa every year and stayed at Christmas time, so I have a lot of memories.” She continued.

“I can’t take her this year because of COVID and she’s at home. It makes you think about it all and the nurse who has to work for Christmas. It’s very important.”

Georgia continued: “Christmas is about giving and loved ones, and it makes you thank you for your help. The family definitely appreciates the help they can get.”

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Georgia Kouslow's broken heart as a Greek Nan with dementia "forgets how to speak English"

Source link Georgia Kouslow's broken heart as a Greek Nan with dementia "forgets how to speak English"

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