Georgia Harrison shows off the result of a hurt face and secret nose work

former Love island Star Georgia Harrison She recently had a nose job and after a few days it became clear that her face looked quite hurt.

The 26-year-old shared with her followers online the sacrifices that surgery had made on her face in a video uploaded to her. YouTube A channel to document the recovery process.

In one clip, Georgia appears to be painfully tattered around her eyes and nose tied up with protective guards and bandages.

Before the surgery, the reality star explained to the viewer why she decided to proceed with rhinoplasty.

Georgia Harrison shared her face, which looks hurt after her rhinoplasty, on her YouTube channel

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“You probably think your nose looks clean, you don’t need rhinoplasty, why are you going to do it,” she said.

“I don’t need it externally, but there are some internal issues.

“I broke my nose when I was young. I was messing around with my friends on the train and lying on the floor of the train, but I was stupid.

Georgia explained in a clip before surgery why she needed surgery

“A friend who had a broken arm at the time went to lift me, and I struck Paul with my nose and removed the septum.”

This is Georgia’s second nose job, and the first job comes a few weeks after she confessed on vlog, after not proceeding to the plan shortly after leaving Love Island. I have body dysmorphic disorder As pointed out by her friend when overdoing the filler on her lips.

Georgia’s face looked tattered in some clips posted on YouTube after surgery

Georgia has announced that it will melt the lips to combat the “addiction” to fillers.

“The reason I decided to do it because my friend emphasized it to me was actually reaching the point where I had borderline body dysmorphic disorder and couldn’t even see it. I think I did, “she told the viewer.

Georgian mother took care of her after she recovered afterwards

“This is arguably the best decision I have made. Now I can move my lips properly.”

Georgia spent £ 6000 on her recent nose work, fixing her nose inside and outside, and then having her mother take care of her.

Georgia revealed the results of her healed nose work at the end of the video

It takes months for the reality star to heal completely, but her face appeared unblemished by the end of the video.

“I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since I looked like an alien,” Georgia said.

“I’m very happy with my appearance. I’m very happy with the result of my nose.”

Georgia Harrison shows off the result of a hurt face and secret nose work

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