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George Osborne’s Brexit threat dismantled with a brutal tally counter | UK | News

Joel Hill investigated how the UK changed after the 2016 Brexit vote. ITV Political show, tonight.He revealed the Treasury at the time Brexit The debate announced Brexit’s horrifying predictions with the then Prime Minister George Osborne He revealed his predictions about what would happen to Britain two years after Brexit’s vote. Hill set up an aggregate to show the number of predictions that most of Osborne’s predictions did not come true.

At George Osborne’s ITV tonight’s show, a clip was displayed giving a warning about the possibility of Brexit.

“This is because the UK is leaving, the economy is shrinking, the pound is depreciating, inflation is rising, unemployment is rising, real wages are hit, housing prices are hit, and as a result, the government That’s what happens when you borrow more. “

Hill commented after the clip: “The main reason the economic turmoil was avoided was that Britain did not immediately drop out of the EU.

“The government negotiated a divorce settlement, and after four and a half years of talks, a free trade agreement was announced on Christmas Eve.

“It’s just not as free as the name implies.”

False forecasts from Osborne included a shrinking economy, rising unemployment, rising house prices and rising government borrowing.

The UK’s GDP declined slightly in the first quarter of 2020, but the pandemic began to take hold around the world, with a dramatic decline.

However, by the time it finally left the EU, GDP grew steadily, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

Some concerns about Brexit may not have come true, but new headaches, including Northern Ireland and trade, are certain to keep Brexit at the forefront of British politics for quite some time.

Disagreements over the Northern Ireland Protocol will exacerbate tensions between the UK and the EU, and the grace period for the deal will end within a few weeks.

The so-called “sausage war” between the EU and the UK is the result of an export ban on chilled meat.

The EU does not import chilled meat from “third countries”. This means that the UK is partially left in the EU Customs Union and cannot export these goods to Northern Ireland.

Sir Frost, Minister of Brexit, and Maros Chefchovic, Vice-Chairman of the EU, met earlier this week in London to discuss issues in Northern Ireland.

However, both sides admitted that they did not reach an agreement and did not resolve much.

The G7 Summit in Cornwall is expected to address this issue with US President Joe Biden in line.

US heads of state, who have been critical of Brexit in the past, are concerned that a breach of the Northern Ireland Protocol could disrupt the Good Friday Agreement.

The UK Government has not ruled out suspending parts of the Protocol to unilaterally enforce it through an extension of the grace period.

They use Article 16 to do this. This is the same process as the EU’s threat to set up a tough Northern Ireland border to monitor vaccine exports earlier this year.

George Osborne’s Brexit threat dismantled with a brutal tally counter | UK | News

SourceGeorge Osborne’s Brexit threat dismantled with a brutal tally counter | UK | News

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