Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry garden furniture destroyed by Storm Irwen

former Geordie Shore favorite Chloe ferry After Storm Irwen completely destroyed the furniture in her garden, she took her to her Instagram story to share the warning “Beware of it.”

The 26-year-old reality star shared a video with 3.7 million followers when the fire pit was destroyed and the glass of the garden furniture was found damaged in the broken garden.

She tells her fans:

She continued. “The whole garden, even the really heavy ones, were all lifted.

“Obviously, I don’t mind them breaking, they can all be replaced, but as a person, look only when you’re walking in place as everything on the street is blown away ..

Chloe Ferry warned fans that the garden was destroyed by Storm Irwen.

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“I don’t want something to happen to someone when you’re walking somewhere.”

She ended the video again: “Just be careful.”

As a caption for the video, Chloe said, “Be careful today,” and added a red heart emoji.

She also shared a video of the destruction of her garden, and could see the furniture scattered throughout the garden.

The beauty of the brunette went into the yard to take a closer look at the destruction caused by the storm: “Oh yeah, fire pits, chairs everywhere.”

Chloe told the fans
Chloe told the fans “Be careful”

She then discovered that the glass table was broken: “Oh, it’s all broken.”

Along with the video, she writes:

Chloe only went to Instagram a few days ago Announcing her amazing Christmas decorations at her £ 1.1 million home..

The TV star showed fans her impressive trees and decorations through social media channels.

Writing with Snap, she confessed that Christmas was her “favorite time of the year.”

Chloe says: First Christmas in my new home.I’m really thankful to you @ ariadecor.displays Decorate one of my Christmas trees. ”

A real-life favorite called by Aria Décor experts to design a candy cane-themed tree.

The garden was confused after Awen attacked and destroyed the furniture in Chloe's garden.
The garden was confused after Storm Arwen struck and destroyed Chloe’s garden furniture.

Chloe shreds footage of devastation into her garden, including crushed glass
Chloe shared footage of the devastation to her garden, including crushed glass

Snap also takes a peek inside Chloe’s new home, where she moved during the summer.

The £ 1.1 million pad features a game room, a large kitchen, a living room, a large garden, and a luxurious central staircase.

The star remained “frightened” shortly after moving to her mansion. ‘A fan invaded and left a note‘.

Chloe’s invaders are said to have left immediately after leaving a note under the flowerpot and taking a picture of the site.

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry garden furniture destroyed by Storm Irwen

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