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GB News Star Colin Brazier Says “Great Thanks” to British History Behind the Career Change | UK | News

Colin Brager is coming to the new GB News Station (Image: GB News)

The channel’s Star Anchor, scheduled to launch on Sunday, June 13, noticed that he was at odds with what he described as a “democracy deficit” in Britain and decided to do something about it. .. The increasingly harmful nature of awakened culture that attacks traditional British values, such as free speech, has led him to abandon his previous role in Sky. This wasn’t lightened by experienced and award-winning journalist Blazer.

He lost his wife Joe to breast cancer in 2018. He is currently raising six children alone, and family-friendly time in his previous role was welcomed.

But he realized that he couldn’t keep ignoring the distortions of the news agenda of broadcasters like the BBC. Yes, especially Sky, he left.

“I’ve become more and more angry and worried about more and more” awakened “companies in our public life, especially news-centric ones,” he said. ..

“Some parts of our British institution have no skepticism and no diversity of opinion. Only liberal voices can be heard.

“Sometimes the only people who oppose the nonsense forced by us are small private companies and those who are ridiculed as” white bangmen. “

“We need to increase the diversity of our opinions. For example, see the BBC’s latest announcement that we are looking for people with different accents.

“If these journalists, researchers, producers and managers also don’t have different opinions, what are the points of different accents?”

One of the new “groupthink” topics that Blazer plans to tackle is the Americanization of British culture, such as the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I don’t like this import wholesale of US values ​​and political opinions. We are not 51 years oldSt. State, “he said.

“The topic of cultural wars over there is coming here and there, but since we are not in the United States, we need stronger skepticism about these imports.

“I’m pro-American, not anti-American, but it’s dangerous to culturally impose these values ​​on Britain.”

He didn’t know that at the time of his exclusive interview Daily ExpressThe student behind the controversial vote to remove the Queen’s portrait from the Middle Common Room at Magdalen College, Oxford University is an American.

“That behavior is probably what we all expect from many nifty students,” Blazer said.

“At least it’s a democratic vote, freedom of expression, and we expect young people to rebel.

“They will probably replace His Majesty with a picture of the revolutionary Che Guevara or Mao Zedong of the Chinese Communist Party.

“What they did wasn’t much worse than what happened at King’s College London, which apologized for the” harm “caused after the email with a picture of Prince Phillip was sent.

“It wasn’t done by a lot of nifty students, but by the people you describe as you grew up in the room.

“We are very grateful for our British heritage. This is done through organizations such as the Anglican Church and the National Trust, and many major public institutions.

“I want GB News to speak in the voice of a normal British person.

“Sometimes it seems that other broadcasters have replaced their skeptical separation with shy activism, and they are always generously prejudiced.

“Newspaper like” Daily Express Do a great job. Newspapers are a great way to triage information easily and attractively.

Express It’s a great example of factual spreads and page leads, and plays an important role compared to the Wild West of online news. “

Some media have squeezed out articles that don’t fit the news agenda, Blazer said. Daily Express Just minutes of dress rehearsal for Sunday launch.

“They are obsessed with stories that are of interest to only a small proportion of like-minded people, not a wide population,” he said.

“For example, in the language guides for these staff, there are bees on the hood.

“Big companies tell their staff that these words can no longer be used. You can’t use them.

“How do they know? Did they ask the staff? They are cleaners and guards, not bureaucrats or managers.

“There is a huge democratic deficit that needs to be addressed.”

Blazer, 53, states that the widow “ignited my belly.”

His children, Edith, 22, Agnes, 18, Konstanz, 16, Gwen, 15, Catherine, 13, John, and 11 support his move.

His belief in God and Roman Catholicism have supported him since Joe’s death.

“The widow didn’t give me tolerance for dilettants,” he said.

“What I think has given me a different perspective on life and the fire in my belly.

“I think there is a genuine excitement about what we may be able to achieve.

“I think the wisdom of the crowd is consistently underestimated by most media, and there is actively religious illiteracy from the secular media.

“We want to rebalance. We know that GB News is a leviathan sea mess, but we want you to judge us in six months instead of six days. “

GB News Star Colin Brazier Says “Great Thanks” to British History Behind the Career Change | UK | News

Source GB News Star Colin Brazier Says “Great Thanks” to British History Behind the Career Change | UK | News

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