Gavin Rossdale enjoys spending time with four kids at Universal Studios to celebrate Daisy Lowe’s birthday

Singer Gavin Rossdale is here this week Los Angeles In a rare public sighting with all four of his children.

They found Gavin’s eldest son enjoying attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood just around that time. Daisy low It rang on her 33rd birthday.

Gavin has a daisy London Fashion designer Pearl Row and his sons Kingston (15 years old), Zuma (13 years old), Apollo (7 years old) and ex-wife Gwen Stefani..

Quality Time: Singer Gavin Rossdale emerged in Los Angeles this week in a rare public sighting with all four children.

Daisy, who took her mother to the fashion business and became a model, brought an old-fashioned camera with her to Universal Studios.

The long-legged model was accompanied by her beauty Jordan Sole, a London-based real estate agent, on the outing of her family.

Jordan could see the group lovingly swinging his arms around his girlfriend’s shoulders as he roamed the amusement park.

With a dating history including Harry Styles and Matt Smith, Daisy chose a stylish ensemble that included a pair of black leather boots at Universal Studios.

She’s there: When Gavin’s eldest son Daisy Lowe rang on his 33rd birthday, they were found enjoying the attractions of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Family Issues: Gavin shares Daisy with London fashion designer Pearl Lowe and his sons Kingston (15), Zuma (13), Apollo (7) and ex-wife Gwen Stefani.

Make Memories: Taking over her mother to the fashion business and becoming a model, Daisy brought an old-fashioned camera to Universal Studios.

Daisy was the result of an overnight stand, and the fact that Gavin was her father did not appear until paternity testing revealed the truth in 2004.

In her memoir All That Glitters, Pearl writes that Gavin, the godfather of Daisy, responded coldly to the paternity testing request.

Pearl, who once had a drug habit, wrote, “I received a letter from him suggesting that he was trying to ruin his life and pointed out that he had ruined himself.”

She added that after the father-son test, Daisy decided to work hard with Gavin to establish some sort of relationship, and things got better. From time to time he asked her to go to her own home.

A few years later, in 2010, Daisy later told Evening Standard: It has been in bloom for the past year, but it actually happened at Christmas. We had to spend time together. He has two beautiful kids that I really love and his wife is gorgeous. “

At that time, Gavin was married to No Doubt’s bandmate Gwen Stefani. This relationship divorced in 2016.

Gwen is currently married to Blake Shelton, the heart of country music. Blake Shelton was named Alive, the sexiest man in People magazine a few years ago.

At the beginning of last year We weekly Gwen finally reported that he had succeeded in securing the Catholic abolition from Gavin.

She can only remarriage in Catholic faith by invalidating her first marriage, thereby proclaiming that it is never valid anyway.

However, her son with Gavin is still considered legal under Canon 1137 in canon law.

A few years ago, Gavin said Man:’I’m messed up with all these relationships. I don’t think they are very good at it. ”

“I was divorced, I had a long-term girlfriend-it went to s ***, and I don’t have a girlfriend right now, as everyone thinks I do But you get burned by something like that, “said a London-born music star.

The sizzling sensation was equipped, saying he was “really focused on becoming a bachelor”: “I don’t know, being a devastating bachelor and a beautiful girl. It can be difficult to combine the necessary attention to. So I don’t know. I’m trying to find my foot on it. It’s unsolved. “

Gavin Rossdale enjoys spending time with four kids at Universal Studios to celebrate Daisy Lowe’s birthday

Source link Gavin Rossdale enjoys spending time with four kids at Universal Studios to celebrate Daisy Lowe’s birthday

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