Gareth Southgate calls on his English players to make their own history

Gareth Southgate I told his player to make history, not get involved in history. England Manager is complaining about previous disappointment Germany It has nothing to do with the group writing their own story in the euro.

Over 40,000 fans will spread around Wembley On Tuesday night, when Joachimlow’s side came to town for an appetizing knockout clash under the arch,

For many in the face, Germany recalls the tragic memories of previous meetings, from the 1970 World Cup to the 2010 ghost goal, to the tragedy of the Italian 90 and Euro 96 semi-final shootouts.

Southgate knows all about such a disappointment that missed a key penalty 25 years ago, but his players repeatedly say in the buildup that the previous loss to Die Mannschaft makes little sense to them. ..

Instead, the English boss wants the player to focus on writing the story. This is the same message he gave on the eve of his victory in the last 16 penalty shootouts of the World Cup. Columbia 3 years ago.

“I don’t have to explain it in a straightforward way,” Southgate said of the competition with Germany. “History is irrelevant to them.

“We have a boy born in the 2000s. It’s obviously scary, but that’s the reality of the group we’re dealing with.

“It doesn’t matter to them what we did, such as Peter Bonetti in 1970 or what happened in 1990.

“Of course, they see something like that and understand it a bit, but that’s not what we’re talking to them.

Gareth Southgate

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“This team has done a lot of historical performances in the last few years, made their own history and made their own story. This is how they see this game.

“It’s an opportunity. Since we’ve won the knockout match as a country only once in the European Championship, we have a great chance to be the first team to play since 1996.”

Southgate won the Euro 96 quarter-final spot kick against Spain at Wembley and won the semi-final shot against Germany.

Tuesday has been England’s biggest match ever since, and the Three Lions bosses are preparing for a tough encounter.

“We need to be strong enough to beat Germany and a very good German team,” he told ITV.

“I think they have at least four World Cup winners and a myriad of Champions League winners on that team, so everyone has fired them, but a very experienced big game player. is.

“We know that this is a fixture that can easily end long after the tournament.

“They have passed a very strong qualifying group and we have to do our best to win the game.”

England outperformed Group D and set up the match thanks to the Czech Republic on both sides of a 1-0 victory over Croatia and a 0-0 draw with Scotland.

The disastrous defense was impressive, but Southgate was frustrated by the suggestion that his side was playing with the handbrake, but was concerned about the lack of aggressive excitement.

We want to make the ball better and we want to move the ball faster

Gareth Southgate

“Well, they’re always our ambitions,” he said when asked about playing more freely and speedily.

“It means that you have played 4 attacking players in the matches you have played so far.

“We don’t tell players” don’t play the ball forward “,” don’t move the ball quickly “, or” don’t attack “.

“I don’t think I could find these messages in any game preparation, so opposition often tells me a lot of what is allowed in a soccer match.

“We want to make the ball better, we want it to move faster, and we need to build on the solidity we’ve shown so far.”

England hasn’t compromised on the tournament yet and is ready for more than 120 minutes on Tuesday if the match is penalized.

“We have a process,” Southgate added. “We obviously won the last two penalty shootouts, so there was a process that worked for us through that preparation and we followed the same process.

“This week will be a little more focused, but it’s too late and I didn’t want to make anything bigger, so I won’t start this week.

“We have created a process that works for us. I think the players understand it and at that moment we will be well prepared.”

Gareth Southgate calls on his English players to make their own history

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