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Gangs of drunken ‘spitting’ teenagers terrorize Devon seaside town | Great Britain | news

Officers said they investigated all reports and have made two arrests so far. A spokesman for Paignton Police said: “Paignton Police have received numerous reports of gangs of young people causing problems in Paignton town center and the sea front area.”

According to DevonLive: police are concerned about the impact young people may have on the area.

As their spokesperson continued. “They steal, confront shopkeepers and threaten business owners and act in general disorder. We have also received reports of stones being thrown from the upper level of the Victoria car park. can cause significant injury.

“Young people have also spat, which is another insult if it falls on someone. There were also several incidents at the pier over the weekend, which resulted in a group of drunken women (aged 14-15) being forced out. was escorted in attacking the crew because they refused to leave.

“We collect CCTV of all incidents and compare the images and the main offenders will be dealt with accordingly in relation to police home visits, escalating anti-social behavior (ASB) and any criminal offences.

“Paignton Borough Police responded to further reports of ASB at the Pier on Tuesday and took two youths home. Officers then had to return to two more reports of assault during which two youths were found and arrested.”

Responding to the story online, readers were keen to comment on their thoughts on the situation. As one user, Millie Ellis, wrote: “What’s wrong with people?”

“Respect obviously doesn’t exist anymore,” added Sarah Louise Hulme-McDermott. “Shame on them…immaturity at its worst!”

Another user wanted to defend himself against comments that blamed the parents of the youths involved. As Tracy Minette wrote: “Just a note here for the adults sitting on their judgmental high horse… Parents are not always to blame for their children’s challenging behaviour, especially if there are additional needs or mental health issues. And please. Think for a moment, maybe some parents are really struggling on an unimaginable level and are at a breaking point too.

“I do not condone the behavior of the girls and they should be punished 100% because it is completely out of order. But for parents to take the blame without any of us knowing their circumstances … that’s unfair.”

Gangs of drunken ‘spitting’ teenagers terrorize Devon seaside town | Great Britain | news

Source Gangs of drunken ‘spitting’ teenagers terrorize Devon seaside town | Great Britain | news

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