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Gadt says he resigned “because of a fundamental issue”


Lord Gates, a former ethics adviser to Oris Johnson, said he had resigned “for a matter of principle”.

In a letter clarifying his position, Lord Gadd said his “cautious language” in his resignation letter could lead to the conclusion that he was giving up “some narrow technical considerations on the steel tariff”.

However, he said that this was a “deviation”, that his real concern was the government’s “wide openness” to violate international law.

“I could not be in favor of advising on any potential breach of the law,” he said in a letter to Sky News.

In a letter of resignation issued Thursday, Lord Gaddon said he had been placed in an “impossible, disgusting position” after being asked to advise on measures that threatened a “deliberate breach of the Ministerial Code”. Dispute over imported customs duties on steel.

His explanation caused confusion Westminster where, when the news of his resignation was announced on Wednesday, it was assumed that he could no longer defend! Prime Minister Downing Street պատճառով for breaking a blockchain in Whitehall.

However, writing: William RaggLord Gadt, chairman of the Committees on Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs, cited comments by former Cabinet Secretary Lord Butler, who said the real problem was asking for “progressive coverage” of the prime minister for international violations. law

“This is my position. “The emphasis on steel tariffs is a distraction,” said Lord Gadt.

“It simply came to our notice then that this was still a deliberate violation The United Kingdom on its obligations under international law, given the widely publicized openness of the Government to it. “

Gadt says he resigned “because of a fundamental issue”

SourceGadt says he resigned “because of a fundamental issue”

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