G7 Summit: World Leaders Arrive in Cornwall as Boris Johnson Searches for COVID Vaccine Trade | Political News

World leaders have arrived in Cornwall for the G7 Summit this weekend as Boris Johnson aims to trade in COVID vaccines, girls’ education and the environment.

At one of the most notable moments of the Premiership to date, the Prime Minister will chair one of the world’s leading democratic conferences in Carvis Bay.

Follow live updates from the G7 Summit in Cornwall

Climate change activists wear masks representing world leaders during protests in St Ives beside the G7 Summit

Mr. Johnson US President Joins Southwest Resort Joe Biden,Canada’s Justin Trudeau, JapanYoshihide Suga, Germany Angela Merkel,French Emmanuel Macron, ItalyMario Draghi, and EU President Ursula von der Leyen And Charles Michel.

World leaders will enjoy downtime during their stay, Beach barbecue and toasted marshmallows Beyond the Fire Hole-Their first face-to-face summit for almost two years will see them focus on global recovery from Coronavirus Pandemic.

Not only wanting to avoid fresh confusion Brexit dispute prolongs, Johnson wants to see this weekend G7 Countries have pledged to provide developing countries with a billion doses of COVID vaccine as part of a bid to vaccinate the world by the end of next year.

UK promised to offer At least 100 million doses, While Mr. Biden is saying U.S. buys Pfizer jab 500 million times Donate to a poor country.

In an article on the agenda of the summit, the Prime Minister spent 300 to 100 days developing ambitions for a new global pandemic monitoring network and testing for vaccines, treatments, and new viruses.

Australian Scott Morrison, South africa Cyril Ramafosa And KoreaMoon Jae-in participated in the G7 talks on Saturday as a summit guest on preparing for a future pandemic, India Narendra Modi Join the discussion via the video link.

Johnson also hopes that G7 leaders will promise to tackle the “moral anger” of millions of girls around the world who are denied education over the weekend.

“Our common goal must be to send another 40 million girls to school by 2025,” he said.

“I ask the G7 and its guests to contribute more to the goal of a global partnership for education to raise $ 5 billion (£ 3.5 billion) for schools in developing countries.”

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What is the G7?

One subject Johnson wants to avoid headlines during the G7 Summit is the ongoing line of posts.Brexit Arrangement Northern Ireland..

The prime minister EUVon der Leyen and Michelle were on the sidelines of the summit, and Britain and Brock remained in conflict over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Prior to the official launch of the G7 Summit, French President Emmanuel Macron clearly shared his image of Merkel, Draghi and the two EU Presidents sitting together at the table.

“As always, the same union, the same determination to do the same, the same enthusiasm! You can start the G7,” Macron posted on Twitter.

On Thursday, Johnson said he and Biden were “perfectly in harmony” with Northern Ireland, despite previous reports that the United States had filed a formal diplomatic protest with Britain over the conflict. ..

Before hosting the UK COP26 Environmental issues will also dominate the weekend debate at the Climate Change Summit later this year.

Prince Charles Hosts a reception on Friday for G7 leaders and CEOs of the world’s largest companies to discuss how the private sector can work with governments to tackle climate emergencies.

And at the final meeting on Sunday, the leader will address through a pre-recorded video. Sir David Attenborough..

The Prime Minister hopes that G7 countries will promise to halve their carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 in order to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

G7 Summit: World Leaders Arrive in Cornwall as Boris Johnson Searches for COVID Vaccine Trade | Political News

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