Futuristic Games: 5 Games Everyone Should Try

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Are you a fan of sci-fi and looking for games that let you enjoy your favorite genre? Check out this list of some of our favorite horror and sci-fi games ever created. Each of these stands out as being a fun, genre-defining jaunt through other worlds and alternate historical timelines that will offer you hours of fun and engaging gameplay. Keep reading to see our list!

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 Our List

 Doom (2016) 

Do you enjoy “killer demons, guns and going super-fast?” In the words of executive producer Marty Stratton, that means Doom is the perfect game for you. It also happens to be a staple of great sci-fi games, which everyone knows is the genre in which anything that can go wrong, will definitely go wrong.

What you will receive is an amazingly visceral, lightning-quick shooter that simply does not have any competitors that can possibly beat it. Doom is an intense power trip of a first-person shooter with incredible gameplay that anyone can easily dive into – that is why it is considered by many in the gaming community to be one of the best sci-fi games of all time.

Dead Space 2

Fighting in this game is not very different from a game like Doom. While you will play the game in third-person, the concept here is to go into a room where you will have to find out which direction your nemeses are attacking you from, and vanquish them as they approach you.

The main difference between Dead Space and Doom is that instead of being designed to make you feel powerful, Dead Space, as well as its sequel Dead Space 2, which is considered by most critics to be the best game in the series, is much scarier.

Most critics consider the game to be the best alien shooter before Alien: Isolation came out, as it is constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat as you try to stealthily make your way through dimly lit environments.

Just when you think you’ve become desensitized to the gameplay, Dead Space 2 will cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up with one of its patented jump scares. Even if you have a full arsenal of weapons at your disposal, one thing is clear about this game, escaping the aliens in the game is a matter of life or death.

Futuristic Games: 5 Games Everyone Should Try

Alien: Isolation

Games that are based on movies and TV shows tend to be a hit and miss, more often the latter. The reverse holds true as well. One exception is Alien: Isolation, a terrifying survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly.

This game is proof that some video game adaptations of movies can deliver the same kind of material that you loved about the original. Even though it has been 30 years since the movie came out, this game proves that Alien still makes for terrifying horror, which is why the game’s developers didn’t change a thing. They simply put you in the shoes of Ellen Ripley and her daughter Amanda as you hide for your life from the universe’s terrifying extraterrestrials.

In this game, you will feel like you’ve been transported straight into the world that director Ridley Scott has created, and the results are beautifully terrifying.

 The Outer Worlds

One of the most successful games of 2019 The Outer Worlds, brings together various elements from popular post-apocalyptic games like Fallout, such as dripping satire, oddball companions, and an authentic role-playing experience. The difference here is that this game is a fraction of the length of Fallout, which runs about 15 hours, so you can enjoy the things you love about FallOut without losing yourself entirely to the game.

By the same token, the storytelling of the game isn’t terribly demanding, either. It is the same old story of a dastardly corporate entity that is so popular in sci-fi movies and games. Despite the dark theme, this game effectively cuts the bleakness with a solid dose of humor.

Prey (2017)

Science fiction would not be the same if it wasn’t for things like alternate timelines that allow you to alter the course of human history. In the game Prey, the assassination of John F. Kennedy failed, which in turn accelerates research into outer space and leads to Talos I being established.

Talos I is an intergalactic research station facility, which was built in order to study the Typhon, a recently-discovered alien species. As many examples have already demonstrated, researching aliens that may or may not be deadly all by yourself in outer space is typically not a very good idea, but Prey is more than just a decent first-person shooter.

What makes this game so engaging is the thoughtful way that it approaches its well-known subject matter, which asks you to make moral decisions which can lead to a myriad of equally astonishing results. For those who enjoyed Arkane’s Dishonoured, you will probably know what type of narrative to anticipate. If you’re searching for something both terrifying and suspenseful, you are sure to love Prey.

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The Bioshock Series

Bioshock is well-known amongst the sci-fi gaming community, and includes an alternate timeline like Prey. This time, you’re not going into outer space. Instead, you’re exploring the deep underwater of the ocean known in the game as Rapture. You can also explore the city skyscrapers of the steampunk city, known as Columbia in Bioshock: Infinite.

Every game in this series is exciting, from battles with drug addicts who have mutated into bizarre creatures, to its relentlessly dark, shocking storytelling that stands out as being one of the best games ever made in the shooter genre. Though its gameplay can be a little heavy for some players, there has never been a game that blends horror with philosophy so compellingly before or after this one.


With any luck, one of these games will help you satisfy your craving for a fun, thrilling sci-fi gaming experience. Thanks for reading!


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