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Fusion energy leader wins top-notch physics medal

Professor Ian Chapman, CEO of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Corporation, was awarded the prestigious Richard Glaze Brook Medal 2021 of the Institute of Physics today for his outstanding leadership in the fields of fusion technology and physics.

The Institute of Physics (IOP) is a specialized institution of physics, an academic society, and a major institution for practicing physicists in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its annual awards proudly reflect the wide variety of people, places, organizations, and achievements that make physics such an exciting discipline.

Professor Chapman was awarded for the outstanding leadership of UKAEA, one of the world’s leading fusion energy research and technology organizations, and advances in plasma physics, deuterium-tritium experiments, robotics, and new materials.

Professor Chapman said: “We are honored to receive this award on behalf of all the teams of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Corporation. The realization of fusion energy is one of the biggest challenges in science and engineering, but the rewards for success are enormous. Will be.

“We all know that we must deal with the effects of climate change, and fusion offers so many possibilities. Low carbon, to satisfy the ever-growing world population. Low land use and a sustainable source of energy drive me every day. The solution I need. “

Fusion energy is one of the biggest challenges in science and engineering. Teams around the world are working hard to solve these challenges, and UKAEA offers many unique contributions. The prototype fusion power plant (STEP, spherical tokamak for energy production) is well underway and is expected to be completed in the early 2040s.

Congratulating this year’s winners, Professor Sheila Rowan, President of the Institute of Physics, said: “On behalf of the Institute of Physics, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of this year. Whether you are a researcher, teacher, businessman, engineer or apprentice, each one of them is important to their profession. Has had a positive impact on.

“Recent events underscore the absolute need to encourage and reward those who teach, encourage and encourage our scientists and future generations. We are an individual life and our broader society. Relies on their dedication and innovation to improve many aspects of. “


For media inquiries, Professor Ian Chapman’s awards details, and interview requests, please contact Stuart White, UKAEA Media Manager. stuart.white@ukaea.uk Or 07368622510.

For specific inquiries regarding the 2021 IOP Awards, please contact Dr. Claire McLaughlin, Senior Media and PR Officer, Institute of Physics, UK. claire.mcloughlin@iop.org Or 07946321473.

Fusion energy leader wins top-notch physics medal

SourceFusion energy leader wins top-notch physics medal

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