“Furious” Lauren Goodger abandons his boyfriend Charles Druley following his fling

After finding her child’s boyfriend and father, Charles Drury fled with Amy Gilbert during a short divorce last year, Lauren Goodger He was said to be “furious” and kicked him out of his former friend Essex’s house. The only way is Essex The star told us exclusively.

“Lauren was really hurt when he learned that Charles was flying with Amy,” a friend said.

“She is absolutely angry with him and can’t understand how he can do this to his family.

“She told him to pack his bag and leave, and he has.”

This news continues Amy Gilbert told the sun that she slept with the builder during a short split from Lauren. November last year after meeting on social media.

Furious Lauren ended things with Charles

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“Charles contacted me on Instagram and I replied,” the 24-year-old kid told The Sun.

“We were sending a message there for a few days, but he wanted me to go see him at the local place where he lives-and I did.

“I slept with him that night, it was pretty intense at first, and he asked me to see me again the next day. Then I went and met him again.”

While Charles was telling the publication, “She wanted to meet and sleep with her on the first night. Stupid, things obviously happened.”

However, our sources added that the rebellious Lauren “focused on her daughter and ignored all her relationships with Amy.”

Last year, Essex’s companion Amy Gilbert flew with Charles while away from Laindon.

Last year, the news of the couple’s farewell was widely reported when their six-month-old daughter, Larose, was hospitalized suffering from the virus.

Charles announced that the pair “goed on different paths” three weeks later, before rekindling the relationship.

Meanwhile, Lauren later said understood! Their dissolution was due to a mixture of “stressful” and Charles, which required “5 minutes”.

“Listening to a move or having a baby can be very stressful,” the 35-year-old child told us.

“Bringing a baby is not only beautiful and wonderful, but it actually tests the couple.

“For Charlie, it was a lot of change and I think he was pretty overwhelmed by everything.

“He had to spend five minutes as much as he loved me and Larose.”

Lauren is dedicated to her 6-month-old daughter Larose

“He wants to go home and have a family,” she continued.

“Some couples aren’t strong enough, so I’m probably grateful that they needed that little space and a break-they broke up and that’s it. That’s very common.”

She added that she wanted their relationship to “work for Larose,” and said it was “not a bitter division.”

The pair became official in October 2020 and the following July welcomed their first child, Larose.

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"Furious" Lauren Goodger abandons his boyfriend Charles Druley following his fling

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