“Furious” Kim Kardashian sends a “clear statement” to Kanye after submitting to drop the married name

Kim Kardashian It is said to be “furious” with the original Kanye West After his public plea to her last week.

Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family Star Kim, 41, is said to have Submitted court documents to remove her married name After he mentioned her at a charity concert with Drake in Los Angeles last week.

Reality star Kim, After she went on a live Tik Tok house tour, she was seen telling her daughter North, Earlier this year, 44-year-old Kanye applied for a divorce.

She is currently dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, following her hosting stint at the show.

Kim Kardashian is said to be “furious” with his ex-husband Kanye

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Despite her progress, rapper Kanye publicly pleaded for his charity concert on Thursday, December 9th.

While playing his song “Runaway”, he repeatedly lapped: “I need you to run back to me soon”: “More specifically, Kimberly”.

A few hours later, Kim submitted a court document to become legally single, but demanded that the child custody and property issues be resolved in separate procedures.

According to one source, the star was “furious” at Kanye, and it turned out that the timing was not a coincidence.

Kim will file another proceeding regarding custody and its common property.

Kim is said to be dating Pete Davidson now

Insider added Sun: “She asked him not to talk about them in public, but he continues.”

“She made a very clear statement to him by applying for a single legal status.”

Sources added that Kanye’s public gestures were not “serious.” They added, “He isn’t seriously begging her back. He doesn’t want her to move on. She feels like he thinks he owns her. I can’t stand it anymore. “

“They both moved forward, and for her, they never returned. She is much happier now.”

Kanye shared a photo of her kissing her ex-wife Kim Kardashian last month.

Insider added that Kim’s filing had nothing to do with her up-and-coming romance with Ariana Grande’s ex-Pete, 28.

“This has nothing to do with Pete, it’s about him [Kanye’s] How she breaks the relationship with her actions, “they added.

However, another source told the publication that the timing of the intentional submission was “not true.”

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The petition for Kanye’s concert is not the first time he has made a public statement about his desire to reunite with his ex-wife.

Gold Digger rapper shared a photo of him and Kim kissing last month.

Kanye tagged Kim with a throwback photo of the pair in the desert and shared a tweet from TMZ below.

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"Furious" Kim Kardashian sends a "clear statement" to Kanye after submitting to drop the married name

Source link "Furious" Kim Kardashian sends a "clear statement" to Kanye after submitting to drop the married name

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