Funding social care now to protect the NHS, Sunak said

Billions of pounds NHS Will be compromised if: Rishi Sunak Don’t immediately fund those who fail Social care Sector, NHS leaders and council bosses warned.

As Prime Minister Get ready to deliver him budget At the House of Commons on Wednesday, he was faced with a warning that the huge amount of money set aside to clear the hospital’s waiting list would be wasted due to social care-related disruptions to the system. There is.

As long-term care facilities and community nursing services are pushed closer to new patients, more people are staying in the hospital longer and fewer beds are available to those who come for A & E or routine surgery.

Labor Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said, “People are now in pain and trapped in hospitals instead of being sent home for social care due to lack of care staff and long waiting lists. There are. “

There was a warning that medical services could face the toughest winters to date this year as Covid’s cases merge with existing weaknesses, including social care.

Dr. Layla McCay, Policy Director of the NHS Confederation, said: “Healthcare leaders know how closely healthcare and social care services are linked.

Ministers have repeatedly promised plans to modify social care “once”, but the full plan has not yet been published. A new 1.25% health and care tax on national insurance will raise £ 12 billion to reduce the waiting list before the NHS returns to social care in 2025.

The Municipal Association and the NHS Federation have jointly called on the Prime Minister for more money for social care on Wednesday’s budget.

They say immediate funding is needed to help Congress cope with rising demand, rising vacancies and low wages in social care. The Care Quality Commission warns that vacancies are now 10 percent in social care, with some healthcare providers closing their doors due to the inability to find nurses.

The LGA currently needs £ 1.5 billion to stabilize the care provider market to meet the additional costs of rising demand for social care while maintaining current levels of quality and access, then 3 We estimate that we will need £ 1.1 billion annually.

“Social care is an integral part of our society and economy,” the government said in a health and social care program announced last month that health and care issues are “interrelated.” “. The Council on behalf of the UK healthcare system and the LGA on behalf of the NHS Union have stated that this needs to be translated into resource-backed action.

If the hospital bed remains blocked in a patient who is ready to be discharged but has nowhere to go, this means that the hospital can perform fewer surgeries.

Ashworth said:

“The minister has just imposed a penalty tax increase on working people, but he may submit a credible plan to modify social care and reform medical services to ensure that patients receive the care they deserve. I could not do it.”

Council leaders say the increase in local council tax bills fills the gap as taxes raise different levels of cash depending on the value of the local home and are isolated from local care needs. He said he couldn’t rely on.

Cllr David Fothergill, chair of the LGA’s Community Welfare Committee, said: Without a sustainable adult social care system, a sustainable NHS would not be possible.

“Avoid situations where people spend longer in hospitals rather than in their own homes or communities, or surgery is canceled more regularly, as NHS pressures become unsustainable this winter and leave Congress behind. Because of this, spending reviews require immediate additional funding. Helping is becoming more and more powerless. “

Dr. McKay added: [NHS leaders] Thanks to the additional investment given to support efforts on the waiting list of selective care, they also have a well-funded and quality social care sector for healthy countries and a strong and performing NHS. We recognize that it is essential.

“Before the dangerous winter comes, we urgently need new short-term funding to deal with the current crisis, but we also need long-term funding to radically improve our services and improve the recruitment and retention of social care staff. . “

Funding social care now to protect the NHS, Sunak said

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