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Fun Things To Do During A Staycation In Northern Ireland

Seeing the beautiful sites of Northern Ireland during the winter months is a wonderful experience. The landscapes in this country are the most beautiful during the winter and if you decided to go there for your staycation, you definitely won’t regret it. However, if you don’t know what to do during your staycation there, we have a few things to share with you. Here are the fun things you can do while staying in Northern Ireland.

Go On A Hike On The Slieve Binnian

If you are a nature enthusiast and you love hiking, there’s no better thing for you to do than to go hiking on the Slieve Binnian. This is the third highest mountain in Northern Ireland, but it definitely has the most beautiful view. The mountain is 747 meters tall, but if you can’t climb it in a day, make sure to rent a log cabin in Northern Ireland and enjoy the wonderful scenery there for a few days.

Visit The Carrickfergus Castle

The Carrickfergus Castle is definitely one of the most famous castles in the United Kingdom. It’s the most famous castle in Northern Ireland, there’s no question about it. It is located in the town of Carrickfergus, this castle was attacked by the Scots, Irish, English, and French throughout history. It’s well-preserved and it’s a monument that tells the story of medieval times. The good thing is that it is located near Belfast and it’s easy to get to.

Glenariff Forest Park

If you like exploring the wonderful forests, then you should definitely visit the Glenariff Forest Park in Northern Ireland. This park is home to breathtaking trees, beautiful lakes, and hike trails. You can hike and enjoy the wonderful scenic trails, but you can also ride a horse through the park. It’s safe to say that this is heaven for nature enthusiasts.

Experience The Irish Pub Culture

One of the best ways to spend time in Northern Ireland is to explore the pub culture in Belfast. This, of course, means that you should go on a pub crawl. The pubs you have to visit are The Crown Bar, The Points, Robinson’s, Madden’s, White’s Tavern, Kelly’s Cellars, McHugh’s, The Harp Bar, The Duke of York, and The Dirty Onion. You will have a wonderful time in every single one of those pubs, no question about it.

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