From Southeast Asia to Wales – Leadsopedia to enter £ 100 Bn B2B data market –

A Welsh entrepreneur has packed his successful data business in the Philippines and is taking his family to Wales.

Martin Woodbridge, 43, a native of Pole, has lived and worked in the Far East for the past 17 years, but the call from home has become too strong and he is now working to launch his brand new business in Cardiff. and bring his family. over to live here too.

Having built successful business relationships while in the Philippines with all kinds of technology companies and data vendors, Martin is confident that his product will succeed quickly with its low entry cost and advanced technology.

The market for data is growing at an incredible pace. The big data analytics sector is worth $ 103 billion by next year in a report from last year at

In 2020, we all generated 1.7 megawatts of data in one second! 95% of businesses cite the need to manage data as a major problem and 97% of businesses invest in big data and AI.

Tennis Called the new venture, it’s a great place to help Welsh businesses take advantage of this boom by providing complete and customized databases for businesses looking for contacts and a guide for their sales and marketing efforts. B2B from £ 99 only. It is an offer that Martin thinks is not available anywhere else in Wales, if not the UK.

Leadospedia’s offer is a great thing that Martin’s clients are already queuing up to buy even though it’s a little over a year into the new venture. It attracted a number of well – known British brands to the firm such as Bizspace and Dojo.

Swansea – based pioneering marketing agency South Wales, based in Swansea, has agreed to partner with Martin to provide its custom data and data services to its clients.

Speaking about his new venture, Martin said “Leadsopedia is now crowdfunding, and I am talking to private investors and venture capital firms to raise funds. We aim to disrupt the B2B data marketplace, and provide UK businesses with the most affordable and accurate B2B data available, with access to an online platform that will provide access to over 200 million B2B data worldwide. ”

To learn more, visit the company’s website:

From Southeast Asia to Wales – Leadsopedia to enter £ 100 Bn B2B data market –

Source link From Southeast Asia to Wales – Leadsopedia to enter £ 100 Bn B2B data market –

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