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Fred West: “Structural Abnormality” Found in Cafe Linked to Fred West and Missing Girl | UK News

Forensic archaeologists have identified many “structural anomalies” in the basement of the cafe looking for evidence related to the case of serial killer Fred West and the historic missing person.

Police are searching for a clean plate cafe In Gloucester in connection with the disappearance of Mary Bastrum, who disappeared at the age of 15 in 1968.

West, a serial killer who died in prison at the age of 53 in 1995, was previously suspected of disappearing.

Bastrum’s body has never been found.

The detective who led the investigation said that the excavation work would follow “on-site assessment, checking for the presence of human bodies.”

West was charged with murdering 12 people but sentenced to life imprisonment before the trial.

Gloucestershire police received evidence from the television production company that produced the documentary, suggesting that the body of a missing teenager may have been buried there.

It contained an image of what appeared to be blue material buried in one area of ​​the basement. Mary wore a blue coat when she went missing.

Detective Inspector Morse John Turner said:

“I talked to my family and was very impressed with their quiet dignity and gratitude for all the work we have done and will do.

“They understand that we may not be able to find human bodies, but if Mary is buried in this place, do everything we can to establish it. I also know.

“This is a time-consuming and painstaking task, but we have the best talent. Everyone from my investigative team, criminal officers, investigators, family liaison officers to forensic archaeologists. You can reassure them. Continuing their work is absolutely committed to their previous work. “

In a statement, the teenager’s family said they were pleased that police were “continuing to search for Mary.”

“I hope this is the final chance to get Mary’s closure,” he added.

West, a serial killer, along with his wife Rose, tortured, raped, and killed an unknown number of women for 20 years.

Mary disappeared in 1968 when Fred West, who worked well on the street where she worked as a waitress at a cafe, was kidnapping a girl in Gloucester.

He allegedly confessed to killing Mary in a conversation with his son Stephen, but never admitted to police.

Mary’s body was not found during a 1994 excavation of a western house, now known as the “House of Terror,” on Cromwell Street in Gloucester.

West was charged with murdering 12 people, but died in a Birmingham prison before the trial.

Rosewest was convicted of 10 murders in November 1995 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Fred West: “Structural Abnormality” Found in Cafe Linked to Fred West and Missing Girl | UK News

SourceFred West: “Structural Abnormality” Found in Cafe Linked to Fred West and Missing Girl | UK News

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