Frankie Bridge’s Ruth Wimin co-star Kay Adams says Snoochi will be her top rival

Frankie Bridge’s Loose Women co-star Kaye Adams boosts Saturdays star I am a celebrity Crown, but she admits Snooty Shy to be her top rival.

Speak exclusively all right! Kay told us about how her companions are progressing in the castle: “I absolutely think she has a good shot of victory.

“My prediction is that Frankie will just sit there, get along with everyone, and when the pack is split, she will be in the middle.”

Presenter Kay, 58, continues to believe that Frankie’s liking helps him win the title on ITV shows.

Frankie Bridge’s Loose Women’s co-star Kaye Adams helped a Saturdays star to win I’m A Celebrity

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She states: “She likes it very much, but likewise she’s not saccharin. She’s not sweet.

“I think Snouchy is also very good. I think she’s probably Frankie’s top rival. She has a lot of bottles.”

Radio 1 Extra DJ Snoochie was impressive in the trial, losing to Emmerdale’s Danny Miller in a canteen dining trial and defeating Naughty Boy in a trapped trial with 60 rats, maggots and mealworms.

Frankie may be fighting Snoochy in the final

Frankie co-star Kay Adams believes DJ Snoochie Shy will be Saturday’s Castle Crown singer tycoon competition.

And in the Thursday night episode, we were able to see Frankie’s emotional side when she and Naughty Boy had disagreements about rice.

In the latest installation, the music producer is 36 years old. Recently, after leaving almost early this week, I decided to stay at the show, I was disappointed with how to cook rice at the main camp.

In the Bush Telegraph, Naughty Boy said: “I’m passionate about cooking. Perhaps this isn’t the place to be passionate about cooking. I don’t want to be the one who says it. I’m just real. It’s not rice.”

Frankie and Snoochi are both impressed with the Bush Tucker trial at the ITV show

I talked with my campmate Danny Miller about the food, but he was also disappointed with the meal. “Rice pudding seemed to be a sweet dish and I couldn’t eat it.

“I think it’s rice that goes well with beans, not rice pudding.”

Naughty Boy added in the Bush Telegraph: “If we have rice and beans, people will prefer rice and beans over rice pudding and beans.

Frankie Bridge and her campmate Noteboy had a disagreement about rice in an episode on Thursday.

But things got worse when 32-year-old Frankie talked to him about rice dishes. “You just came to our camp and this was what we did …”

Naughty Boy interrupted, “No, this is our camp. What you just said is wrong.”

Frankie replied: “Why did I end up in a discussion about something …”

Disagreement with Naughty Boy upset two Frankie mothers

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Naughty Boy shouted, “It’s not your camp,” and Frankie replied, “Don’t be that way.”

The music producer went on to say, “Don’t say you came to’our’camp” with Frankie away.

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Frankie Bridge's Ruth Wimin co-star Kay Adams says Snoochi will be her top rival

Source link Frankie Bridge's Ruth Wimin co-star Kay Adams says Snoochi will be her top rival

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