Frankie Bridge reunites with a look-alike son after “crazy” I’m a celebrity stint

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here Star Frankie Bridge I reunited with her sweet-looking son.

Saturday’s singer (32), who is married to Wayne Bridge and shares his sons Parker (8) and Carter (6) with a former soccer player, goes to Sally’s house with two adorable children. She revealed how “very good” it was to return, and she finished third at the ITV show.

Frankie saw every corner of the beauty of nature when a lovely boy posted a selfie from the couch with his head on his shoulder after returning from Glitch Castle in Wales.

With a snap caption on her 1.4 million Instagram followers, she writes: I can’t believe it … what a crazy ride! ”

It was after Frankie was declared “Queen of the Castle” by her fellow Loose Women panelists Charlene White, Linda Robson, Coleen Nolan and Penny Lancaster.

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here Star Frankie Bridge reunited with her sweet look-alike son

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But one of the weirdest things happened when a former pop star admitted that she had found a way to talk to a little boy after agreeing to a secret move with them in advance.

During show time, Frankie can sometimes fill her mouth with air and form a blow with arm movements to contact her beloved son she missed badly during the three weeks. I did.

Frankie Bridge revealed the secret signal she used to communicate with her two sons when I was a celebrity
Frankie sometimes filled her mouth with air, so she was able to make a blowing shape.

With a giggle in his memory, the presenter revealed: [to him] “Can I blow a kiss?”

“Or is it a little more subtle?”

“And he decided this was my signal to them [fills mouth with air and pushes out lips], “The two mothers continued.

With a laugh, the star explained that she also tried to incorporate shoulder movements, but she felt too stupid.

Frankie Bridge had to attend Tomb Of Doom in the last episode of I'm A Celebrity on Sunday
Frankie joined the Toom of Doom in the last episode

“I tried both a few times, [jiggles shoulders] But I started to worry that people would think I’m starting to lose the plot, as you know.

“So I had to choose between them,” Frankie added.

Despite many challenges and ordeals throughout the show and fighting her own personal struggle in the camp without a family, Frankie has lost the title of Emmerdale star Danny Miller. ..

Popular Coronation Street Simon Gregson was second, Frankie was third, and soccer player David Zinora was fourth.

Frankie Bridge reunites with a look-alike son after "crazy" I'm a celebrity stint

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