Foxy Bingo Strengthening its Position with New TV Adverts

Foxy Bingo burst onto the scene back in 2005. You could see Foxy Bingo adverts several times a day as they really looked to stamp themselves on the British market. In 2005 there had been a lot of big money Bingo winners within the UK, so this seemed like a perfect time to enter the market.

Since the beginning, Foxy Bingo has used trendy celebrities to market their brand both as a way to cement themselves in the market, but also to attract a younger demographic – the future. The future of business is just as important as the present, and this is something Foxy Bingo takes very seriously.

The British market has seen a lot of competition in the Bingo industry. After all, Brits love playing Bingo. It is a tough industry as we have always associated it with an older clientele, therefore the future is always in question. However, Foxy Bingo likes to project an entertaining and modern image to stay trendy. They have recently revealed their plans to have a year-long sponsorship deal with First Dates, another predominantly younger market.

The amount of advertising Foxy does is one of the principal reasons they are the leaders in the market. They take a lot of time to try to connect to their existing customers with an updated image, but also they are trying to connect with both existing and new customers by providing new offers.

Foxy Bingo is Online

Much like slots & casino games, bingo is a game enjoyed online. This accessibility is why Foxy Bingo and other leading bingo sites are thriving right now. Plus, as you will see from a Foxy Bingo review or review of any other bingo site, there are tons of bonuses and promotions to look forward to.

One such bonus with Foxy Bingo is the welcome bonus offer but you will find many other bonuses and promotions too. When you consider the value of these promotions and the potential to win large jackpots, it is no wonder bingo games & software is so popular right now.

New Advert Themes

Foxy Bingo started a new range of TV adverts back in May that will broadcast both nationally and regionally on channels such as ITV, in prime-time slots. The adverts will of course feature the loveable character (and mascot), Foxy, as he embarks on travels across the world. He is on the lookout for fresh adventures and the adverts provide the viewer with an entertaining short story.

His journey begins in the depths of the jungle. You will see the character crossing a bridge and then coming across what looks to be a dangerous snake. There is a voice over that provides information about what Foxy Bingo is promoting.

Nothing is firm yet, but In July, Foxy will head to the clouds for possibly some skydiving or aerial acrobatics, followed by a mission to the freezing Arctics a few months later and finally some yoga-style theme in a location made for peace and tranquillity. There has clearly been a lot of forethought into the making of the adverts.

What is known is that for every adventure Foxy has, there will be a new experience made available for the Foxy Bingo customers. They also advertise that; you can win for free in everyday free games offered. This is a fantastic opportunity for everybody, but mostly for players that are new to Bingo and trying to find out if the game is suited for them or not.

The new adverts fit Foxy Bingo’s image of excitement and adventure that will no doubt appeal to a younger crowd, but they are also a funny watch which will appeal to everybody.

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