Four zero-day exploits add urgency to Tuesday’s October patch

October brings four zero-day exploits and 74 updates to the Windows ecosystem, including hard-to-test kernel updates ()CVE-2021-40449) You need to be careful immediately, and updating the Exchange Server requires technical skills and due diligence (and restart). The test profile for the October patch on Tuesday is for Windows Error Handling, AppX, Hyper-V, and Microsoft Word. We recommend that you set up a PatchNow schedule for Windows and then stage the rest of the patch groups according to the normal release pattern.

For more information on the risks of deploying these patches Tuesday updates,With this infographic..

Key test scenarios

No high-risk changes to the Windows platform have been reported. However, there is one feature change that has been reported and additional features have been added.

  • As always, make sure that the physical and virtual printers print as expected. Make sure there are no problems with the printer driver. It’s a good idea to evaluate which printer driver software still uses 32-bit code for application management.
  • Test non-English websites for broken or uneven characters in Thai, Lao, Korean, and Arabic.
  • The Active Directory feature Bannd IP has been updated. We recommend that you validate AD authentication for both active and passive network can Click here for details..
  • Microsoft has updated the media codec, so testing large image and video files should be part of your testing plan.
  • The STORPORT.SYS component was updated this month, so check out the applications that depend on this Windows feature.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Microsoft AppX format wasn’t as widely adopted as companies expected. Nonetheless, this October update included a major upgrade to the Microsoft AppX container and deployment tools. If you have an Enterprise Microsoft Store for your application, we recommend that you install / uninstall both the AppX application and its associated runtime.

For lesser-used Windows feature topics, Microsoft NTFS The file system has been updated Fix symbolic links (Useful for UNIX migration). If you are in the middle of a large UNIX migration, we recommend that you pause a bit and test large (and parallel) file transfers before deploying this update.

Known issues

Every month, Microsoft publishes a list of known operating system and platform-related issues included in the update cycle. We have referred to some important issues related to the latest build of Microsoft, including:

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Four zero-day exploits add urgency to Tuesday’s October patch

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