Four Technology Trends – The Future of the Tire Industry –

Both tires have changed dramatically and have not changed much since rubber was first tested as a cushioning mechanism for cars and uncomfortable bumpy cars. They are basically the same: rubber bags, filled with air and fitted with a metal or wooden wheel. And they are very different, and modern tires are now carefully designed to function beautifully at their optimum pressure, equipped with internal, reinforced and stabilized belts to make them an active aid for your gentle motor.

With all these changes under their zones (the highly proposed measure) what will happen to tires and the tire industry? In addition, drivers traveling throughout the UK in areas such as Scotland or London prefer to drive with ease of road capacity tires. Let’s take a look at some new technology trends that have recently emerged in the tire industry.


With a growing and increasingly urgent green movement influencing world politics and tackling business, green technologies will, sooner or later, have an impact on the tire industry. This can already be seen with the awareness of the use of sustainably grown rubber (usually non-Amazonian) to make tires and the numerous experimental developments that are looking to make tires from materials other than rubber. The increase in tire recycling is another green point, with up to seventy per cent of tires being recycled or reused in some way today, compared to twenty years ago, when that figure was zero to basic.


Coins that are in the prototype stage are being made even stronger.

Imagine if you could only buy coins once every two decades?

Materials are being tested to create very long lasting tires that are only immune to wear and tear, can set aside nails or sharp stones, and do not dry out or lose structural integrity for a very long time, and the world is almost certain to be moved to a place where current consumables are transformed into durable pieces of equipment that will last a long time, so that your tires will be purchased once in a lifetime, rather than once every five years or so. sin. commodities as they currently stand. Until that fateful day comes, to get the right medals in Dundee, you can go to experts at Fife Autocentre (01382 205000) for tire fitting and installation.


Currently, flat tires are a bit gimmicky, or too high-end for the average driver who has to deal with occasional delays due to punctures or wear and tear. But there are already a number of options on the market, with new products, even better, currently on the drawing board or in testing. These include rubber tires with built-in air pockets that do not fully deflate even if thoroughly punctured, solid rubber tires, although ‘clips’ have been carefully designed to prevent the bases being too heavy and obscure. , never needs air, and a patented Michelin ‘tweel’ containing polyurethane spokes instead of the ‘airbag’ of modern ‘normal tires’.


Finally, aesthetics. This may not be the first thing people consider when choosing tires, with most people looking at cost and durability as key issues – but it’s usually somewhere in the top five! A good looking car stretches to the tires, and there will be motor heads who want their vehicle to look as good as they want their tires to go with the carefully selected and positioned decals. , to create an enviable well – visible vehicle that will remain the same. talk to all their friends and colleagues. And modern technology will allow for decorative touches, in much the same way that alloy wheels can look truly beautiful as well as functional and durable.

Four Technology Trends – The Future of the Tire Industry –

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