Former Spanish King Juan Carlos accused of harassment by a former mistress | World News

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos has been sued by his former mistress in a British court for spying on her.

According to her leading spokeswoman, Danish and German businessman Corinna Larsen has sought damages from a court in London for a detention order against the royal family and alleged harassment.

This development is the latest twist on a financial scandal involving 83-year-old Carlos.

Carlos’ lawyer, who did not immediately respond to the request for comment, repeatedly defended the former monarch during an ongoing financial scandal that caused suspicion of Swiss and Spanish investigators.

Corinna Larsen testifying in court earlier this year

Swiss prosecutors are considering sending millions of euros to Carlos by the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

In 2012, it was reported that the former King of Spain sent about 65 million euros (£ 55 million) as a “gift” to Mr. Larsen, 57.

Investigators suspect that the transfer was an attempt to hide the money from the authorities.

It is believed that Ms. Larsen’s hesitation in returning money to Carlos is responsible for their current fallout.

A recording of Larsen, who currently lives in England, talking to a former police chief was leaked to the media in 2018.

She claimed that Carlos had been kicked back from a commercial contract in the Gulf countries. In particular, the € 6.7 billion (£ 5.6 billion) Haramain high-speed railway was built in Saudi Arabia in the late 2000s.

King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah and Juan Carlos in 2007

She also said he maintained these incomes in a Swiss bank account.

The businessman then claimed that the former king had purchased Monaco’s real estate in her name to avoid the tax treatment of legal residents.

Larsen’s allegations demanded that Carlos be investigated for corruption in June 2019.

Carlos abdicated to his son Felipe VI in 2014 for personal reasons.

Juan Carlos (L) abandoned the throne to his son Felipe VI (R) in 2014.

His reputation as a leader in Spain’s democratic transition following the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco has been undermined by this scandal and other scandals.

In March 2020, the Spanish royal family announced that Felipe VI would abandon his father’s inheritance.

They also said the former king would lose his salary from the state’s general budget.

Since August 2020, Carlos has lived in exile from Spain in the United Arab Emirates after Spanish investigators have begun investigating whether Saudi Arabia has received a kickback in a contract awarded to a Spanish consortium. I am.

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos accused of harassment by a former mistress | World News

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