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Former King of Spain wants to appeal after losing to ex-girlfriend in Supreme Court


he is the former king Spain: He wants the judges of the Court of Appeal to act after his ex-lover sued him.

Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, a: Danish: The businesswoman has filed a lawsuit against Juan Carlos I պահանջում seeking compensation for personal injury.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

There is only one king of Spain ղեկավար the head of the Spanish state, ից since June 19, 2014 it is his son, King Felipe VI.

Juan Carlos, 84, who ruled from 1975 until his son, King Felipe VI, abdicated in June 2014, denies any wrongdoing.

Lawyers: A spokesman for Juan Carlos claimed that he had “the right to immunity from the courts of England as a senior member of the Spanish royal family”.

But after a recent hearing in London, High Court Judge Mr. Justice Niklin ruled against the former king, saying the lawsuit could go on.

Queen Letizia of Spain թ King Felipe VI of Spain arrives for Thanksgiving Day at the Duke of Edinburgh, Westminster Abbey, London, Tuesday, March 29, 2022 (Christie O’Connor / PA) / PA wire

At a hearing on Tuesday, Juan Carlos’s lawyers told the judge they wanted to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

They will ask the appellate judges to examine the case in the near future, they noted.

Mr. Justice Niklin rejected the argument that despite his abdication, Juan Carlos remained “sovereign” and entitled to personal immunity under the 1978 State Immunity Act.

“There is only one king of Spain, the ruler of the country, and since June 19, 2014, it has been his son, King Felipe VI,” he said.

“Whatever his special constitutional position after resigning from the throne, [Juan Carlos] He is neither the sovereign of Spain, nor the head of state. “

The judge also said that Juan Carlos was not a member of the current king’s family within the meaning of the law.

He said that according to the Spanish constitution, his position is “completely honorable” and “does not provide him with a continuous role”.

“The abdication of His Majesty created an unprecedented position in Spain, the legal consequences of which, for the purposes of the immunity of this jurisdiction, require consideration by the Court of Appeal,” said Sir Daniel Bethlehem, a lawyer who led Juan Carlos’s legal team, Mr. Justice Niklin. with a written argument.

“Moreover, the demands of kindness between the United Kingdom և Spain, including the sovereigns of the two countries, mean that His Majesty’s claim for immunity guarantees consideration by the Court of Appeal.”

Juan Carlos must prove that he has a controversial case, get permission to appeal.

Mr. Justice Nicklin refused to give permission.

Sir Daniel said the lawyers would now ask the Court of Appeal judge for permission.

A spokesman for the law firm Clifford Chance, represented by Juan Carlos, said after the hearing that the former monarch was “very disappointed” with Mr. Justice Niklin’s decision not to grant an appeal.

He said he believed he had “strong, convincing grounds to appeal.” “Therefore, he will take immediate steps to obtain permission from the Court of Appeal.”

Attorney Robin Ratmel, who represents Ms. zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, who works for Kobre & Kim Law Firm, said after the hearing: In the decision made by Mr. Justice Niklin, he will reflect on the time of any such appeal. “

Former King of Spain wants to appeal after losing to ex-girlfriend in Supreme Court

SourceFormer King of Spain wants to appeal after losing to ex-girlfriend in Supreme Court

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