Former Kieran Hayler of Katie Price says she “should go to jail” after being sentenced to drunk driving

Keeran Hayler has revealed that his ex-wife Katie “should be put in jail.” Sentenced to 16 weeks in prison and 12 months with suspended sentence Wednesday, December 15th.

Katie driving, driving disqualified, driving without insurance after crashing near her house in Sussex in September.

Kieran, who tied Katie in 2013 before the pair split in May 2018, also claimed that Katie plans to do something with her children over the next few weeks. ..

Keeran Hayler reveals how his ex-wife Katie “should go to jail”

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“She knew she was going down. I don’t know if her lawyer had already told her that, but she’s very, very lucky,” he said. Sun..

“She should go to jail.”

Katie stood alone in the Magistrates’ Court of Crawley because she was told that she had to experience 100 hours of unpaid work in the community as well. She was added to the ban for another two years.

Katie Price
Katie pleaded guilty to driving, disqualified, and uninsured driving after an accident near her home in Sussex in September.

A suspended sentence means that Katie will not spend her time in jail as long as she meets certain conditions set by the judge.

Kieran explained that his “purpose” was to “make the kids understand what was right and what was wrong,” and when Katie was sent to jail, he told Jet and Bunny. I made it clear that it would be.

“If you violate the law, bad things will happen. If she had been in jail, I would have explained it to the children.

Kieran takes care of his son Jet and his daughter Bunny. He shares it with his ex-wife Katie Price.
Kieran explained that his “purpose” was to help children “understand what was right and what was wrong.”

“I was very open to them and I would have done it in a sensitive way, but I couldn’t tell them that she went on vacation etc.

“They would have noticed immediately, and that would have meant a prison visit.”

understood! We are asking the representative of Katie Price for comment.

However, if Katie breaks the conditions set by the judge during the suspension of her judgment, she may be sent to jail.

Katie was also ordered to pay £ 213. It consisted of £ 85 litigation costs and a £ 128 victim surcharge.

After the sentence was handed down, the court asked how Katie owed £ 7,358 for the court costs of the previous proceeding.

After the model used the Instagram story to share her statement after being sentenced to court by 2.6 million followers. “Thanks to my family, children, mother, father, sisters, brothers and partner Karl … Lee and my friends who have supported me for the last few months.”

Katie Price releases statement
Katie issued a statement

Katie said she spends her time working on her mental health
Katie reveals she’s working on mental health

Katie thanked her family for their support-the day after she was handed a suspense sentence after a drink drive crash.
Katie thanked her family for their support

She went on to explain that she understood the dangerous situation she was in. “It was a really difficult time. I am very sorry for my actions. I am deeply grateful that no one was injured. It may have caused me as well as other family members. “

After that, Katie promised to continue working on mental health. “I’m spending time improving now. Mental health is a hidden illness that can be attacked at any time.

“The triggers that cause my anxiety and behavior are what I am trying to learn to understand, understand, and control my progress.

“This is a long process for me and I will continue to work on it, and I will be able to work with my family and move on to new chapters together.”

Thank you to Katie, a fan recently. Put on a unified front with fiancé Carl Woods, Added: “Thank you for all the messages of goodwill I received.

Katie Price always enjoys with the youngest Jet and Bunny
Katie with Jet and Bunny Kids

“I will continue to do my favorite job because I am surrounded by my loved ones and friends and help my mental health. Thank you.”

On Wednesday, district judge Amanda Kelly tells Katie how lucky she was to receive the ruling after the television personality said she “had one of the worst driving records.” did [she] I’ve seen it before. “

Nevertheless, Justice of the Peace postponed Katie’s decision to September, during which she asked her to attend the monastery for rehab – Ms. Kelly seemed to disagree.

“Today, the public may be stunned to hear that I can’t send you to jail,” she told Katie Court.

“But according to the law, there is a legitimate expectation that if a person complies with the conditions of release, he will not be sent to jail today, even if he deserves to spend Christmas behind the bar.”

“You are very fortunate that the judge chose to postpone the decision on a previous occasion,” she added.

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Former Kieran Hayler of Katie Price says she "should go to jail" after being sentenced to drunk driving

Source link Former Kieran Hayler of Katie Price says she "should go to jail" after being sentenced to drunk driving

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