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Kevin Spacey and his production company were ordered to pay $ 31 million (£ 23 million) to the studio behind the House of Cards.

Spacey, 62, according to a document filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, for his professional behavior by “taking specific actions in relation to multiple crew members” in each of the five seasons in which he was involved. You have violated the contract request.

Studio-MRC-had to do Fire Spacey from that 6th season show, Rewrite the script as follows Delete his central figure We’ve shortened the season from 13 episodes to 8 episodes so that we can meet the deadline.

This cost tens of millions of dollars, the document said.

Spacey played the role of Francis Underwood before several allegations of sexual assault were filed against him, but he denies cheating.

The MRC filed an arbitration claim in January 2019 seeking recovery of costs.

Spacey has filed a counterclaim alleging that the production company has unfairly terminated his contract and violated the contractual “payment or play” obligation.

His lawyer also argued that allegations of sexual assault against him were not a major contributor to the show’s loss.

The House of Cards was filming the sixth season when Spacey was fired from the show.Photo: Rex

The dispute between the two included an eight-day hearing in February 2020, which was not open to the public.

The arbitrator ruled on page 46 in July 2020. This remains confidential, but has been determined to be in the production company’s favor.

According to the Variety report, the petition states: .. “

The arbitrator also discovered that “Spacey’s terrible breach of contract” blamed him and his company for an additional $ tens of millions of dollars in MRC.

Spacey appealed the first decision to a committee of three more private arbitrators, but they also found it for the studio and made the decision final and public on Monday.

The actor and his company (M Profitt Productions and Trigger Street Productions) ordered $ 29.5 million (£ 22 million) in damages, $ 1.2 million (£ 900,000) in legal fees, and $ 235,000 (£ 175,000) in cost. Was done.

“The safety of our employees, sets and work environment is of paramount importance to MRC and why we have embarked on promoting accountability,” the MRC said in a statement.

Some have filed proceedings alleging that they have been sexually assaulted by Spacey, but accused him of groping for the only criminal case filed against him-a 18-year-old man. Vulgar assault and battery charging-was rejected by Massachusetts prosecutors in 2019.

Former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey orders studios to pay $ 31 million | Ent & Arts News

Source link Former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey orders studios to pay $ 31 million | Ent & Arts News

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