Former Eddie of Dennis Van Oten poses topless in the hope of “getting her back” after the split

Dennis van OtenFormer Eddie Boxhall posted a topless photo in hopes of getting her back.

The West End star recently announced by sharing a statement on her social media page that she had split from her fiancée due to rumors of cheating.

But apparently Eddie does not give up hope and is trying to get her back By clearly posting a snap on his Instagram page.

Despite the sad situation he is experiencing, Eddie glows from ear to ear while he poses without his top, revealing his toned physique.

Along with the photo, he states:

Eddie posted a topless photo on Instagram

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“I’ve been partying hard with my friends and interacting with my clients for many years, but I always have to balance. Basically what I’m trying to say is your young, middle-aged, or Take care of yourself, regardless of age .. Be kind to your body, and it will be kind to you ……… Healthy body Healthy mind !! ”

Eddie is reported to be doing her best to save her seven-year relationship with Dennis, but she doesn’t have the same idea.

The split comes after the allegation that Eddie was having phone sex with another woman and was traveling to London on a date.

Dennis van Oten has never been suggested by Eddie in the traditional way
The couple was going to get married this year

Eddie is currently believed to be staying on top of a friend’s pub. Not far from Dennis’ Essex’s house where she lives with her daughter Betsy.

Dennis confirmed the farewell in an Instagram post last week, saying: “In the last two months, there has been a lot of speculation about our relationship with Eddie.

“It’s sad to make sure we’re no longer a couple. I had to make a difficult decision not to continue our relationship. I’ve always had a good time and memories together I cherish. “

Dennis Van Oten and Eddie Boxshall have a 7-year date
The pair was 7 years together

Then she asked her followers for privacy during this difficult time.

“At this point, please respect our privacy, especially for children.”

The pair was scheduled to tie a knot later this year.

Dennis and Eddie were regulars in the celebrity goggles box they shot together at home, which is believed. Eddie may have been separated from the show.

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Former Eddie of Dennis Van Oten poses topless in the hope of "getting her back" after the split

Source link Former Eddie of Dennis Van Oten poses topless in the hope of "getting her back" after the split

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