Former collie star Lucy Jo Hudson admits that co-parenting is “never easy”

Lucy Jo Hudson When she admitted that she missed her daughter while she was away, she frankly opened up the difficulties of co-parenting.

Wild at Heart actor Lucy Joe, 38, shares her 8-year-old daughter Siena with her ex-husband. Alan Halsall, 39.

Lucy Joe and Alain Coronation StreetBut in 2016 they went on different paths.

It was subsequently settled temporarily, but was officially split in 2018.

Since then, the pair have been co-parenting their daughter, and Alain has recently I took my 8-year-old child to Finland with my girlfriend Tisha Mary.

While Siena was away, Lucy Joe admitted she missed her daughter and expressed excitement to go home.

Lucy-Jo Hudson shares daughter Siena with ex-husband Alan Halsall

Lucy Joe shared a selfie of Siena with her on Instagram and wrote on Friday, December 17th: When she leaves, it will never be easy, I miss her so much !!! But I know she had the best time … Hurry home baby, I miss you, especially your brother. “

Lucy-Jo shares 1-year-old Carter with his partner Lewis Devine.

Dozens of actors’ 174,000 Instagram followers visited the comments section of her post to provide support and share their co-parenting experience.

“I felt the same when my daughter was small, but it’s very important that they have a good time with their parents,” wrote one.

“In the same situation, you’re right. Especially at this time of year, it’s never easy. Send love,” another said.

“I’m having a lot of trouble right now, I hate leaving my little woman,” writes the third person.

Lucy Joe frankly talked about the difficulties of co-parenting

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Meanwhile, another follower of Lucy Joe sympathized with Siena.

“I used to be Siena. We lived in Birmingham’s father Shefield and were handing over at the parking lot in Derbyshire. You are doing the right thing. Siena loves her with all her heart. I’m very fortunate to have two compassionate parents, “they write.

Lucy Joe previously opened up about the difficulties of co-parenting after a fallout with Alain after partner Lewis described Siena as “our Siena” on social media.

Alain then bumped into Lewis and appeared to be posting a deleted Instagram story. But not my daughter. “

Lucy Joe and Alain got married in 2009, but were split in 2016

Discuss the issues of the time, Lucy Joe said understood!: “When Carter posted it, I was literally just giving birth, so I didn’t see it and my head was elsewhere. He immediately deleted it, so He must have regretted it.

“I didn’t mind taking it out with him. It couldn’t get our attention because both Liu and I were too focused on Carter.”

Lewis then said, “We weren’t really depressed about it-it was just a press speculation.”

Lucy Joe went on to add: -Parents can challenge. It’s probably like that for many mixed families. “

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Former collie star Lucy Jo Hudson admits that co-parenting is "never easy"

Source link Former collie star Lucy Jo Hudson admits that co-parenting is "never easy"

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