Former Charles Druley of Lauren Goodger vows to “learn from mistakes” after throwing the drama

Lauren GoodgerFormer Charles Druley promised to “learn from his mistakes” after being kicked out by the flings he had during a short divorce from last year’s TOWIE star.

A 24-year-old kid sharing his newborn daughter Larose with a television personality took him to a private Instagram to share a snap of his little girl. It was then reposted on Lauren’s Instagram.

In the photo, Larose can be seen in a baby carriage, dressed in a blue patterned top with a pink bow on her head, when looking at the camera.

“All parents are prejudiced, but look at my princess,” Charles began posting with a heart-shaped emoji.

Former Charles Druley of Lauren Goodger vowed to “learn from his mistakes”

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Tagging his little girl and his ex-Lauren, 35, he continued: “I’m very proud to be your dad, you’re the best for your sister Will be my sister.

“You give me a reason to work hard, to ensure that I learn from my mistakes and improve myself every day.”

Charles continued to praise Lauren for being “very strong.” Drive him out following his fling Immediately before Announced with OK! She expects a second child with him.

Lauren and Charles welcomed their daughter Larose in July
Charles praised Lauren as “very strong”

“I’m very proud that your mom is doing a great job with you, but she’s also very strong mentally and physically. In the world,” he said of the world emoji and red heart. Finished his post with an emoji.

Lauren placed a small animated GIF in the post with a pink bunny blowing a heart-shaped bubble so that 791,000 followers could be seen.

Builder posts will be posted a few days after Lauren approves New arrival! She will always love Charles and refuse to rule out the settlement.

Lauren Goodger said her love for Charles Drury never disappears after the second split.
Lauren said she would always love Charles

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“He is the father of my children, that love never goes,” Lauren told us. “And he will always be in my life and her life, but it happens to so many people.

“Who knows what the future will be. I’m excited about it, I’m not afraid.”

Lauren also admitted that when she continued, this didn’t feel like their “final split”: “It’s weird-men are weird!

Lauren and Charles broke up temporarily, but have already lived together for almost a month.
Lauren said he didn’t think this was a “final dissolution”

“I don’t know what the problem is, but I have more self-esteem, because if you haven’t treated me how you should treat me, you’re not here. is.

“No one knows what will happen next week or next month, but I know you can’t come and go when the kids are involved.”

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Former Charles Druley of Lauren Goodger vows to "learn from mistakes" after throwing the drama

Source link Former Charles Druley of Lauren Goodger vows to "learn from mistakes" after throwing the drama

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