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Former Bishop Awakens Anglican Church and Converts to Catholic | UK | News

Dr. Michael Nazir Ali, Bishop of Rochester from 1994 to 2009, said he had considered switching for “a few years.” Dr. Nazir-Ali, 72, previously accused the Anglican Church of “jumping into all the fashion trends about identity politics, cultural correctness, and the turmoil about the past of the British Empire.”

During his time as Bishop of Rochester, Dr. Nazirite Ali was one of the most famous bishops of the Anglican Church.

He is expected to be ordained to the Catholic priesthood of Ordinariate.

According to Spectator magazine, this could happen as early as next month.

However, Dr. Nazirite Ali is married and cannot be ordained as a Catholic bishop.

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The Catholic Parish was founded 10 years ago by Pope Benedict XVI with the aim of leading the Anglican Church into a complete communion of the Catholic Church.

Dr. Nazir Ali said:

“The provisions there to protect the legitimate British Church heritage are very encouraging, such heritage in the liturgy, approaches to Bible studies, idyllic commitment to the community, methods of moral theology. I believe there are many things to offer, such as the Church.

“I look forward to receiving from the wealth of the rest of the Church, but perhaps in broader fellowship, it makes a modest contribution to the maintenance and strengthening of the Anglican heritage.

Recently, the Times reported that Ebbsfleet bishop Jonathan Goodall became Roman Catholic after opposition to the dedication of a female bishop.

Similarly, opposition to the ordination of women was the motive for the conversion of former London bishop Graham Leonardo in 1994.

Dr. Nazir-Ali has a long record of frank remarks against abortion and euthanasia.

He had previously blown up “a new, clever and unstable doctrine of multiculturalism” that left some immigrant communities with “isolated, parallel living”.

In February 2021, he telegraphed that the “institution” was “obsessed with long, costly, far-fetched” protection “claims against prominent church figures, or identity politics, cultural. Correctness, meaculpas about the past of the British empire. “

Earlier, in 2008, Dr. Nazir Ali said he believed that the collapse of Christian values ​​in Britain left a “moral void” and that extremist Islam was increasingly filled.

He said the decline in British values ​​was associated with the “social and sexual” revolution of the 1960s, and that church leaders did not suffer from the knock-on effect.

He wrote in the political magazine Standpoint:

“While the Christian consensus was resolved, nothing else was put in, except perhaps endless self-satisfaction.”

Former Bishop Awakens Anglican Church and Converts to Catholic | UK | News

SourceFormer Bishop Awakens Anglican Church and Converts to Catholic | UK | News

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