Former Alice Evans of Ioan Gruffudd advises women to “be more aggressive” in a weird Instagram video

Alice Evans offers some tips for divorced women to “be more aggressive” in their new Instagram video.

actress I broke up with my husband Ioan Gruffudd earlier this year And she confirmed that he had filed for divorce in an emotional announcement on her Twitter page.

A 53-year-old star who starred in hit American shows like The Vampire Diaries claimed that her divorced husband was fooling her during her marriage.

She accused her 48-year-old ex of having a long relationship of three years after he became official with his new girlfriend, another actress named Bianca Wallace.

Alice, who shares her two daughters with Wales star Ioan, posted a video on Thursday pretending to be a relationship therapist called Marjorie.

Alice Evans posted a video on her social media to encourage women to “be more aggressive”

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Wearing a smart white shirt and thick black glasses, Alice wiped her white blonde hair into a loose bun, showing off her bold eye makeup and poker red lipstick.

“Hello, I’m Marjorie. I’m going to talk about the very sad things that happen to many women, including myself,” Alice started recording.

The stars continued, sitting on her bed with a white background and tall plants behind. Break our hearts with another woman.

“I know there was a lot of talk about this right now. I don’t think it can be like the #MeToo movement. I don’t know what it was, but let someone else talk to me. I would like.”

Warning from Instagram caption: Alice Evans blew up her new girlfriend, former Ioan Gruffudd, because she liked pictures of kids before romance Links: //www.instagram.com/p / CWLzuKCPhQ8 /
Alice and Damascus announced earlier this year that they will be divorced

Apparently frustrated, Alice continued to criticize “her husband” and apparently mentioned her own divorce while playing another character. And he became part of my family, and when they did us, they said lawyers wrapped us around and they robbed us of everything. “

The actress suddenly put on a Cockney accent and pretended to be a man attacked by his wife.

“Isn’t it a joke!” She was furious. “Are you all you are taking? It can be a tennis court, a Lamborghini, whatever.

“Yes, and I have two cousins ​​in the middle of them who are going to cut you, you know it! And that’s how we deal with it, that’s us Is the way to deal with it, do you understand? “Alice exclaimed.

Warning from Instagram Alice Evans advises a woman divorcing from a
Alice Evans appeared in a white shirt and glasses pretending to be a relationship therapist called Marjorie.

The actress then returned to “Marjorie” and urged her followers to: “Yes, I think we need to be a little more aggressive, right?”

The 102 Damascus star, who met Ioan on a movie set in 2000, concludes her video with a self-righteous smile and caps her post with a statement that “women must stick together.” I did.

“I’m teaching another way. Send me a DM for information, or if it’s cold, just flirting. Hug everyone!” She added.

all right! I contacted the representative of Ioan for comment.

Star followers swarmed in the comments to show their support, but encouraged Alice to get some help in dealing with the pain and emotional trauma of her divorce.

Monte Carlo, Monaco-June 15: Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans will attend the opening ceremony of the 58th Monte Carlo TV Festival in Monte Carlo, Monaco on June 15, 2018. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)
Alice and Ioan share their two daughters together

“If her family and friends are watching these videos, I’m sure you need to see Alice in need of help. This is very sad and unpleasant to watch,” wrote one. increase.

Another fan urged: Go with a girl of dignity. Don’t tell him that you’re doing these videos. Stop them. Just lift yourself up. Dust off. And say goodbye to the bad trash. “

While shared by a third party, “You have the opportunity to be classy and rise like a phoenix from the flames. I’m worried this might not be the way.

“Everyone wants you well, but you’re obviously obsessed with bitterness, and Instagram isn’t an outlet.”

When Alice and the liar actor John of Damascus split, the latter announced the following joint announcement: “As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family and we continue to work on our children. Thank you for your respect for privacy.”

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Former Alice Evans of Ioan Gruffudd advises women to "be more aggressive" in a weird Instagram video

Source link Former Alice Evans of Ioan Gruffudd advises women to "be more aggressive" in a weird Instagram video

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