Forget your villa and rent a staycation home for 6 months?

Did you try to book a family stay in the UK this summer just in the face of availability and price shortages that you find suitable for flying on a private jet to the Caribbean?

Demand for villas in the UK is skyrocketing amid the pandemic and turmoil over travel restrictions.

That led to reports that the family was quoted tens of thousands of pounds for a week’s stay in this country, and one of the three fathers said he Quote over £ 70,000 I stayed in Cornwall for a week for myself and his family.

So, if you use as much as you can, is there a solution that allows you to escape and enjoy a series of holidays cheaper in this country?

We investigated the cost of renting a property for six months and whether it would be cheaper than booking some individual family vacations during that period.

Demand for holiday rentals in areas such as St Austell in Cornwall (pictured) is increasing during the pandemic, pushing up prices.

If you rent a property for frequent use as a villa, there are issues that need to be investigated, such as whether it is fully furnished.

If you can arrange things quickly and sign a six-month short-term lease in the next few weeks, you’ll have a two-week vacation in August, and a half-year later this year, or even a week or two on Christmas.

However, if it turns out that it’s too late to arrange something this year, you might find it worthwhile to look it up next year to see what type of property you can rent where and at what price. not.

For those who think they might still be able to work from home this time next year, this allows families to spend most of their summer vacation at the beach and invite friends and family as guests.

Unless you’re ready to have all your cutlery and blow-up beds during your stay, there are clearly some factors to keep in mind, such as whether your property is furnished.

You also need to know what is included if you have an invoice. Landlords may be willing to negotiate with household invoices such as water bills, but if they do not, they will need to consider utility costs, council taxes, and insurance costs.

Ultimately, a 6-month rental of around £ 6,000 or more is less likely to scatter than a villa for a few weeks, but the number of pounds per day you can spend there may be a good comparison. there is.

There may be other factors that you need to be aware of. For example, insurance conditions do not leave the property empty for more than 30 days. Therefore, you may need to book for additional weekend visits.

Mark Hayward, who gives permission to the body of the property mark, cautioned that:

“Holiday area landlords are increasingly favoring very short-term rentals that can achieve premiums and avoiding six-month contracts. Therefore, long-term holiday rentals are attractive. It may look, but it can happen. To prove it’s more difficult. ”

A direct comparison can mean that renting a property for 6 months is more expensive, but you still have the flexibility to use the property as much as you like. Working from home also means that you may be able to use it more often on weekdays if you have another home office space.

Rental properties in tourist areas

Take a look at three properties: Cornwall, Devon and the Cotswolds. These properties can be rented for less than £ 1,000 per month with a minimum 6-month lease agreement.

This is comparable to £ 2,000 to £ 3,000 that a family of four could spend just a two-week summer vacation without having to enjoy the villa at additional times such as Christmas, half-years, or weekends.

1. Two-bed flat in Falmouth, Cornwall, £ 865 / month

This two-bedroom terrace property in St Austell, Cornwall can be rented for £ 850 / month through a rental agent in Mid Cornwall.

Accommodation in St Austell includes a garden with a lawn area, a patio, and a large garden hut.

this 2 bedroom terrace property Located in the Charlestown area of ​​St Austell, Cornwall.

Located on the outskirts of the town center of St Austell, within walking distance of the sea and beach.

You can rent for £ 850 per month through a rental agent in Mid Cornwall.

2. Loddiswell, Devon 3-bed cottage, £ 895 / month

This three-bedroom property in Devon can be rented to agent Charles Head for £ 895 per month.

Loddiswell rental housing offers a vast view of the surrounding countryside

this The newly refurbished cottage is in Lodiswell Located in Kingsbridge, Devon, it boasts a vast view of the surrounding countryside.

The three-bedroom property can be rented through Agent Charles Head for £ 895 per month.

It is 10 miles from Salcom’s gorgeous seaside hotspots and 7 miles from Bansam Beach at the mouth of the Avon River.

3. Two-bed house in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, £ 995 / month

This two-bedroom terrace cottage is located in Tetbury, Gloucestershire and can be rented for £ 995 / month through agents Moore Allen & Innocent.

The property overlooks a nicely sized garden and views of the countryside around the Cotswolds

this 2 bedroom terrace cottage Located in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in the Cotswolds.

Off-road parking is included and can be rented for £ 995 / month through agents Moore Allen & Innocent.

Tetbury is about two and a half hours drive from London and 45 minutes from Bristol, 30 miles away.

Forget your villa and rent a staycation home for 6 months?

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