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For Cornwall, the G7 Summit brings a mix of confusion and hope

Falmouth, England-Rising Steel Fences, Police Masses, Beach Protests: Cornish Seaside Turquoise Seas and White Sands This Week As Leaders of Seven Wealthy Democratic Groups Come Down to the Summit Looks obviously not idyllic.

US President Joe Biden and leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan will arrive in a three-day meeting on Friday in the small village of Carvis Bay near St. Ives in Cornwall. The region is a popular holiday destination in South West England, known for its long, picturesque coastline, warm climate, and delicious pastries called Cornish pasties.

At the peak of the summer tourist season, locals may be accustomed to congestion and traffic jams, but the turmoil caused by the summit is at another level. Navy frigate dominated the coastline, armed soldiers defended key areas, and approximately 5,000 additional police officers were deployed in the area. Authorities have even hired a 3,000-capacity cruise ship moored offshore to accommodate some of the additional officers.

The main road is closed for a week, and local trains and buses are also closed. A 3 meter (10 ft) high metal fence called a “steel ring” was erected around Tregenna Castle in Carvis Bay, where world leaders stay. Security is also tightening in the nearby town of Falmouth, which is the main hub for international media reporting on the summit.

“This is a completely unrealistic experience and the amount of police presence is staggering. It must be the safest place in the country at the moment,” said Subates, 64, who was relaxing on the beach on Wednesday. “. Her husband, John, said they felt their villa sway when the helicopter flew.

“I’m sorry to be affecting the locals. I understand that some of the restaurant staff will not be able to get a job during the G7. This is pretty disappointing,” she says. I did.

Still, Bates and colleagues said they believe the long-term benefits of promoting tourism and local businesses to the world are worth the hassle.

The British government hopes that the summit will bring £ 26 million ($ 37 million) tourism growth to one of the poorest regions in the country, Cornwall and across Western Europe. Despite fine dining and luxury villas, some areas are among the poorest 10% in the UK. In areas not far from the St Ives waterfront, wages are below the national average and child poverty is high.

The summit has benefited local hotels and guesthouses and has only recently been allowed to reopen after several months of forced closure under UK COVID-19 blockade restrictions. All rooms were booked a few months in advance after visiting the media and stakeholders.

It’s a dream opportunity for small businesses like St Ives, chosen to provide gift baskets to some of the world’s most powerful leaders.

“When we like, Joe Biden will use our toiletries, you almost have to keep telling yourself-it’s happening, we’re doing this.” Co-owner Tegen Mackay said.

Others are not so happy. Local fisherman Ian Jepson told British media that he had been returned to the warship and was unable to fish in the sea due to the “exclusion zone.” And Andrew Nabet, who runs a sightseeing boat trip on his boat Tiger Lily, said many reservations had been canceled and he wouldn’t bother to run them during the summit.

“Yesterday was full and there were a lot of cancellations when people were traveling down the A30 all day long. [main route] And I saw signs that were written as “serious turmoil,” he said.

Some see the summit as an opportunity to promote Cornwall’s emerging sectors, especially green business. Climate change is one of the summit’s most important agendas, and the British government has stated that it was chosen as the venue, partly because Cornwall is “already the driving force of green innovation.”

Glen Caplin-Grey, head of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, said he was keen to showcase low-carbon businesses in the region, including offshore wind farms and lithium mining. Lithium is an important component of electric vehicle batteries.

“What I showed last year about the pandemic is that there is an over-reliance on tourism here,” he said. “It’s great that people want to come and visit, but it’s really important to see other higher wage departments as well.”

For Cornwall, the G7 Summit brings a mix of confusion and hope

SourceFor Cornwall, the G7 Summit brings a mix of confusion and hope

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