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Wednesday 20 April 2022 – Focus MRSa mixed reality virtual learning platform, secured an initial investment of £ 150,000 from Jenson’s financing partners, the startup investment company. The technology is designed to enhance the teaching of practical subjects, such as construction, barbering, and personal training, with educators able to pre-record or broadcast 360-degree videos for students in another location.

Focus MRS was born from an idea of ​​co-founders Mark Paddock and Damian Chan. For years, vocational training specialists have successfully taught courses for underprivileged students, on probation, young offenders and the long-term unemployed, but have found that the pandemic has put a stop to business.

The 2020 lockdown and subsequent closure of colleges, gyms and other places used for classes meant that classes could not go on in the usual form. Mark found that while Zoom, Teams, and Meet were successful in subjects like English and math, it was a different story for hairdressers, fitness qualifications, and bricklayers. This was the inspiration for Focus MRS, with Mark realizing it was time to turn the business around and solve what had become an industry-wide problem.

With a mission to make virtual learning in mixed reality accessible to all with a smartphone, Focus MRS avoids expensive HoloLens and Oculus headsets by using Google Cardboard and rubber smartphone VR headsets to transport students to different environments. Teachers are provided with a 360 degree camera, with which they can capture the lesson and upload it to the Focus MRS platform. Students can then log in, review class schedules, select the lesson, then enter the viewer.

In addition to clients such as South Staffordshire College Group, Everton FC School successfully used the system last year when many students were at home with COVID-19. Focus MRS ensured continuity of training as the tutor leveraged the 360-degree camera in the field to offer remote students an engaging coaching experience, allowing them to stay abreast of tactics, shots and drills.

Focus MRS technology has also bypassed restrictions such as the rule of six. The No 1 Barbers Academy had a handful of students in attendance with a tutor for training, with a second group streaming the lesson at home. The next day, the groups rotated, allowing the remote cohort to complete the practical work. The model has worked so well that the Academy has now increased the size of the group to 15 practices and 15 remote, increasing opportunities for students and revenue for the client.

Mark Paddock, CEO and founder of Focus MRS, says: “Even before the pandemic, we recognized a market gap between video conferencing tools and VR headsets, where there might have been an adequate distance learning option for teaching practical subjects. The lockdown really focused on the problem and forced us to develop a solution.

“We are thrilled to have found the support of Jenson Funding Partners, an investor who understands what we stand for and a partner who has enabled us to move from our beta product to full commercial launch. With Focus MRS, you don’t need to buy a £ 2,500 headset to support every student and it’s our mission to make hands-on education accessible to all. With just a smartphone and Google Cardboard or our rubber viewer, students can have an immersive educational experience in mixed reality. “

Jenson’s investment will be used to build the development team and purchase new equipment to further improve the product. The addition of augmented reality holograms will make the Focus experience even more immersive, as tutors will soon be able to add additional layers to the streams that students can interact with, bringing up a question, advice or voice note.

Looking ahead, Focus MRS will also continue to advance its pipeline of upcoming projects and partnerships. The latest of these campaigns was with virtual work experience provider Springpod, which helped 60,000 students aged 16 to 18 become apprentices at AstraZeneca, NHS, Nestlé and Airbus during the Easter semester. This allows pupils to access restricted laboratories and hangars, but in a safe environment.

Jeffrey Faustin, CIO of Jenson Funding Partners, says: “Whether it’s a single tutor who wants to offer an engaging experience, a small training institution with 50 students and a desire to add more skills for students, or a college or university with thousands of students, Focus MRS is able to meet these needs. That versatility really impressed us, with the pandemic-inspired concept but surviving with incredible potential to evolve hands-on learning as we know it. We are truly excited to be part of the mission to make mixed reality education accessible to all. “


About Jenson Funding Partners LLP

Jenson Funding Partners is the accessible startup investment firm specializing in working with founders during their initial stage of growth, from pre-seed to series A. Its diverse and experienced team understands what a company needs in every phase and combine rapidly distributed capital with hands-on support to successfully scale the companies in their portfolios and deliver returns to investors. Jenson Funding Partners has launched five SEIS and four EIS Funds.

We are now in our thirteenth tranche and have invested more than £ 18.5 million in over 110 UK entrepreneurial companies which have typically launched their product or service and are typically close to or following revenue. In addition, we have supported 25 successive funding rounds, all at a premium over the initial launch cost based on external evaluations. Jenson Funding Partners LLP is the manager of Jenson SEIS and EIS funds and is licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and its FCA registration number is 820516.

About Focus MRS

Focus MRS is a mixed reality streaming platform that explores new transformative approaches that meet educational needs more effectively, for both the educator and the learner. The activity is focused on improving distance learning options, tools and systems so that all students can achieve more and develop valuable skills with better educational outcomes.

The technology uses a combination of mixed reality and 360-degree pre-recorded video capture and live streaming that provides students with an immersive “in-class” experience, with state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) holograms adding an extra layer to learning. of the students.

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FocusMRS Secures Initial Investment of £ 150,000 From Jenson Funding Partners – UK Technology Investment News

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