Flights canceled from Heathrow due to ‘higher passenger numbers than the airport can handle’ | travel news

More flights from Heathrow have been canceled today as passenger numbers exceed the airport’s maximum capacity.

A total of 30 flights have been scrapped from the morning schedule as travel chaos continues at UK airports.

Most passengers are expected to be transferred to other flights during off-peak hours, allowing them to depart today.

A Heathrow The spokesman said: “We are expecting higher passenger numbers in today’s morning peak than the airport currently has capacity and to ensure everyone’s safety we have asked airlines to cancel 30 flights from the morning peak for today only.

“We apologize for the impact this is having on travel plans.

“We are working hard to ensure everyone has a smooth journey through Heathrow this summer and the most important thing is to ensure that all service providers at the airport have sufficient resources to meet demand.”

A “small number” of British Airways flights have been affected, with the airline saying it is in contact with affected customers.

98% of flights from the airport are expected to operate as planned.

Customers affected by the cancellations should be contacted by their airline and advised of possible alternatives.

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‘Horrible’ scenes at Heathrow last week

“Absolute shambles”

However, some passengers only found out their flights were canceled when they arrived at Britain’s busiest airport.

Travel journalist and broadcaster Andy Mossack said: “Total chaos at Heathrow this morning. British Airways flights canceled and no customer service.”

A passenger traveling with a 12-week-old baby told Sky News he was not informed his family’s flight to Greece was canceled until they were five minutes from the airport.

Another, Andrew Douglas, described how he was supposed to be on a holiday flight but had “spent the last four hours in multiple queues at Heathrow Airport because it was cancelled”.

He added: “Absolute mess, complete chaos and only found out at check-in with no prior notification. Terrible service.”

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In recent weeks, passengers using Heathrow have had long queues, and many have separated from their baggage for some days.

There are fears the severe disruption seen at UK airports in the run up to Easter and the Jubilee Bank Holiday will do so Returning during the peak summer holiday season.

The entire industry is struggling to expand operations following the lifting of COVID restrictions, which experts say has hit the sector with 40 years of passenger growth in just four months.

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Flights canceled from Heathrow due to ‘higher passenger numbers than the airport can handle’ | travel news

Source link Flights canceled from Heathrow due to ‘higher passenger numbers than the airport can handle’ | travel news

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