Flamingo who escaped Kansas Zoo spotted in Texas 17 years ago

No. 492 was seen off the coast of Texas (Image: Facebook)

A flamingo that escaped from an American zoo 17 years ago has been spotted off the coast of Texas.

Known as ‘No 492’, the bird made its escape during a storm in Kansas with another getaway.

The other escapee is never seen again.

But No. 492 has been seen a number of times for confirmation that video made on March 10 at Port Lavaca, near Rhodes Point in Cox Bay, is the same animal.

The Coastal Fisheries Department of Texas Parks and Wildlife confirmed that the African flamingo escaped from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita on a stormy night in June 2005.

Staff had not yet cut the birds, which meant they could fly to freedom.

Officials were able to determine the number on the leg strap of the bird, giving it its name.

Officials were able to create the leg strap that identifies the bird (Image: Facebook / Ben Shepard / Coastal Fisheries)

The video, captured by an environmental activist, shows the animal running the animal along part seven on its own along the coast.

The animal was seen several times in Wisconsin, Louisiana and Texas, sometimes with other wild flamingos.

But it’s been years since his last reported sighting.

Zoo officials have never made plans to take back No. 492, despite the observations, saying there is no easy way to do this without disturbing other wildlife.

The escaped flamingos, known for their distinctive pink feathers and long legs and necks, were born in Africa and were sent to the Kansas Zoo in 2004 with 39 other flamingos.

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Flamingo who escaped Kansas Zoo spotted in Texas 17 years ago

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