Fivetran will be Databricks’s Data Ingestion Partner of the Year –

Fivethe world leader in modern data integration, has announced it has been named Data Intrusion Partner of the Year by Data bricks, the Data and AI company and pioneer of the data lakehouse paradigm. Announced by Details + AI 2022 SummitThe award comes as Fivetran expands its partnership with Databricks through expanded product availability and enhancements, making it faster, easier and more secure to unify a high volume of data on a single lake house.

“Business digital transformation is only possible when data professionals can reliably access the most up-to-date data in real time, from a single source. Fivetran data pipelines can do this, ensuring they are never interrupted, ”said Adam Conway, SVP of Products at Databricks. “This award recognizes the great value that Fivetran provides to our shared customers, as well as our successful partnership in driving data lake adoption.”

“We are honored to be recognized as Data Intrusion Partner of the Year. Databricks is at the forefront of AI-based advanced analytics and a critical component of modern data steel – especially for enterprise organizations. They are essential to the operations of many of our customers, giving them a competitive advantage, ”said Joseph DeBuzna, Vice President, Product Management, Enterprise & Database at Fivetran. “We look forward to our growing collaboration and the delivery of new data-driven advances across industries.

Coming soon, Fivetran is a native high-volume data replication management service for Databricks on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Joint Fivetran and Databricks customers will be empowered with a real-time, high-performance, low-impact method for replicating data from sources such as Oracle, SQL Server and later this year, SAP. Fivetran enables customers large volumes of it SAP data through a log-based data capture (CDC) capture process..

Other upcoming announcements include:

  • Databricks Partner Connect Improvements. New Partner Link users from existing Fivetran accounts will be able to create a lake destination in less than five minutes, and existing Fivetran Partner Connect customers will have easier access, and repeat access will be provided through the Partner Connect experience.
  • Fivetran PrivateLink. With PrivateLink, fellow customers can bypass the public internet when sending sensitive data between Fivetran and Databricks, with a private, secure connection hosted on AWS or Microsoft Azure.
  • Fivetran Metadata API. And the API metadata, co-customers can share information about their flight data from source to Databricks with third-party vendors of data catalog.
  • Unity Catalog – Private Preview. When loading data into Databricks, customers can use the new three-part naming convention offered by Unity Catalog.

“Fivetran and Databricks complement each other well,” said Brandon Beidel, Managing Director of Product, Data Platform, for Red Ventures. “Fivetran allows our engineering team to move faster by eliminating repetitive data ingestion tasks, and Databricks provides a platform with the power and scale needed for data engineering and analyzing what we have ingested.”

Fivetran will be Databricks’s Data Ingestion Partner of the Year –

Source link Fivetran will be Databricks’s Data Ingestion Partner of the Year –

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