Five shows from the last decade that explored the topic of lesbian love

The last decade, 2010-2020, was the best in history for LGBT rights represented equally in reality and on-scree. Most obviously, the major thing that changed was an awareness of major issues, people with gender identity issues, bullying, and the legalization of gay marriage, and all of those have found their way into mass culture, thanks to movies and TV shows exploring the topic.

Why the 2010s are among the important decades for the LGBT movement

This important decade of the 2010s changed how the men and women of the LGBT movement could come out to their families and friends and express their lifestyles more openly. While gay men received their representation in previous decades (take “Philadelphia” as an example), now it was the time to explore that lesbian love is as real as every other kind. When it was suddenly not a requirement to live your life in the closet, especially to be accepted and/or to succeed in your career, ladies began to sprout and proudly talked about themselves as a part of society as a whole and the LGBT movement specifically.

Specialized online dating websites began to appear to cover the needs and wants of the lesbian community. It was suddenly not only important but profitable to have exclusive services for lesbians to mingle with only those who could be their potential matches, and when people started leaving closets en masse, the audience for such sites started to grow, and this trend hasn’t dried out still. Ladies choose Lesbiemates to be contacted only by other lesbians and bisexual women; the same thing happens with gay websites, trans platforms, and services for bisexuals. It was a perfect time to remove bigots out of the equation, and many platforms, from social media to dating sites, did just that. Examples of why global lesbian awareness increased over this decade include the following:

  • Lifestyle and thematic dating sites like for every niche in the singles world – everything from Lesbiemates to Grindr.
  • Legalization of gay and lesbian marriage
  • Recognition of domestic partners – including for naming beneficiaries and adding your same-sex partner and dependents to your insurance policies
  • The popular representation of same-sex love in the shows/movies
  • Discussion of gay and lesbian-parent families for younger audiences
  • Anti-bullying

Important TV Shows

Certain popular TV shows also brought out the lifestyles of LBGT teens and adults in ways that questioned popular attitudes. A good show representing gay lifestyle can encourage LGBT teens to accept their self and lifestyle, tell adults that they are not alone and can always find a partner, even on an online dating site, and inform society as a whole that there are marginalized groups that need accepting. And it worked! Here are some of the best examples:

  • Glee. The idea is that the singing club at school could be supportive of people who like to perform and express their passionate sides (including dress, makeup, and hair), but it’s not just a hangout for gay or lesbian kids. Glee is like its name – a happy-go-lucky tale of school outcasts hanging out together and singing the greatest hits of the past. Besides, it has two lesbian characters with an amazing arc, as they end up together and more – perfect for inspiration for any lesbian couple.
  • Orange Is the New Black – This groundbreaking drama focuses on prison life for women. This show had an openly transgender actress playing a transgender character. Lesbian love themes were treated as authentic love plots, not just hyper sensationalized for the small screen, as a topic of lesbian love in prison was never explored so much before this show. Accounting for all lesbian characters here would take an article of its own. Still, if you want to see how tragic, beautiful, happy and different lesbian love can be – that’s the show for you.
  • The Fosters– A lesbian couple raises their own biological, adopted, and foster children in a mixed-race family. They have a close relationship with one lesbian spouse’s ex-husband, the biological father of her first child. The groundbreaking thing about this show is how organically it shows a lesbian couple implemented into society – they are just a simple family with a lot of funny things going on (since it’s a comedy!). The “gayness” of characters doesn’t influence the show’s structure; they are just normal people with normal problems, which is how any gay couple would like to be looked at.
  • Orphan Black – A hustler Sara assumes a dead girl’s identity only to learn that they were both actually clones. This thriller series helps you see life from different perspectives. The main character herself is bisexual, and her lesbian relationships build up a few major points of the show (of course, some of her lovers turn out to be working for the enemy, the intrigue is who and how!)
  • Sense8 – Eight quite different people learn how their lives are connected even as they are hunted by a secret group. Most characters belong to one or the other branch of the LGBT, perfectly representing them on the screen. A key feature is that the main characters are so-called “sensates,” sharing all their knowledge, feelings, and emotions between 8 people, providing each a new outlook on life.Lesbian viewers would be particularly interested in the story of Nomi and Amanita,a lesbian couple, where Nomi is one of the sensates, and Amanita shows her amazing support, love, and care to her girlfriend throughout the show.

You never know how much you will identify with characters or real people until you get caught up in the storyline. However, by watching lesbian relationships play out in popular culture, adults and teens attain more control of their sexuality. They can use dating sites and other tools to find connections that make them happy.

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