Five of Britain’s other swimming greats after Adam Peaty made the history of the Olympics

Adam peaty After paving the way for victory in his beloved 100-meter breaststroke at the Tokyo Aquatics Center, he became the first British swimmer to hold the Olympic title.

There is a strong argument that this achievement alone will put Petty in his own bracket among his compatriots, without considering the statistics that he is far and undefeated in major competitions beyond distance.

Here, PA News Agency will look at some of the other great British swimmers.

Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington won two gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Gareth Copley / PA)

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NS Mansfield The swimmer won the historic double gold at the age of 19 in Beijing 2008 and then the bronze medal in London 2012 four years later. Her victory in the women’s 400m freestyle in China was Britain’s first gold medal in the pool for the first time in 48 years. And with her coronation as an 800m freestyle champion at the later Olympics, she became the first swimmer to win multiple medals at the Olympics just once in a century.

Duncan Goodhue

Duncan Goodhew won in Moscow 31 years ago (Carl Court / Pennsylvania)

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A distinctive former Milfield school student due to his alopecia soared to 100m breaststroke gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics during the height of the Cold War boycott. Londoners overtook Arsen Miskarov of the Soviet Union in less than 0.5 seconds, arguably the best moment of his career.Goodhue gathered bronze alongside Gary Abraham, David Lough and Martin Smith United Kingdom At the 4x100m medley relay in the second half of the game.

David Wilkie

David Wilkie won one gold and two silver in his Olympic career (PA)

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Sri Lankan-born Scottish became even better four years after collecting silver in the 1972 200m breaststroke in Munich. Montreal He set a new world record of 2 minutes 15.11 seconds. This was a benchmark that lasted for the next six years before being defeated by Canada’s Victor Davis. The mustache-bearing Wilkey, a multiple-time world champion, was driven to second place in 1972 and exceeded 100 meters in the same field by John Hencken in 1976, while Briton was in the United States later in the Canadian tournament. Revenge on his rivals.

Anita Ronsblow

Anita Lonsbrow wins Olympic gold medal in women’s 200-meter breaststroke (PA)

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The last British woman to win a gold medal in the pool before Adlington. The best moment of a Yorkshire swimmer was in Rome in 1960, when he was 19 years old, setting a new world record of 2 minutes 49.5 seconds to win the 200m breaststroke final. The mark was valid for 12 months before being defeated by Karin Breyer in East Germany. She didn’t keep the title in Tokyo in 1964 and instead took part in the women’s 400m individual medley, advanced to the finals and finished in 7th place.

Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor, a British swimmer who just won the men’s 400m freestyle (PA)

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Lancastrian’s three gold records in one game stood for a century before being comparable to cyclist Sir. Chris Hoy Taylor was able to rely on home support in London in 1908. So he first won the men’s 400m freestyle and cleared the silver medalist Frank Beaurepaire for nearly eight seconds. Alongside John Derbyshire, William Foster and Paul Radmilovich, Taylor won the men’s 4x200m freestyle relay, defeating his compatriot Thomas Buttersby the next day to win the men’s 1500m freestyle at world record speed. I got it.

Five of Britain’s other swimming greats after Adam Peaty made the history of the Olympics

Source link Five of Britain’s other swimming greats after Adam Peaty made the history of the Olympics

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