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Find a Better Plan Than Rwanda Migrant Plan Patel Challenges Critics | UK news

Interior Minister Priti Patel has backed the government’s plan to send immigrants to Rwanda, urging critics to come up with a better idea.

In a joint article with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta in The Times, Ms. Patel described her controversial plans as “bold and innovative.”

Under the new scheme, approved refugees will have to do so stay in Rwandanot to return to the UK և those who have been rejected by the Rwandan government will be deported.

It is mainly intended for adults, but families can send it together in exceptional circumstances.

Interior Minister Priti Patel և Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta

The idea has been criticized by many, including the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who said it was “ungodly.”

Archbishop Stephen Cotrell of York used his Easter sermon as “depressing and sad.”

Speaking on Easter Sunday, Mr Welby expressed concern about the idea, saying there were “serious ethical issues with sending asylum seekers abroad”.

More about migrant crossings

His thoughts echoed those of Mr Cotrell, who said the UK could “do better than this” – “it is the people who exploit asylum seekers that the country must” put pressure on “.

Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury leads the Easter Liturgy at the Canterbury Cathedral. Date of the picture: Sunday, April 17, 2022.
Canterbury Archbishop Justin Welby addresses Easter Sunday

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In a joint article, Ms. Patel ոն Mr. Biruta said that “it is surprising that institutions that criticize the programs are unable to offer solutions” to address small boat crossings in the English Channel.

They continued to defend the scheme, saying: “It will disrupt the business model of organized crime, prevent migrants from endangering their lives.”

Energy Secretary Greg Hands reiterated the government’s challenge to those opposed to politics when he appeared on Sky News on Monday.

Mr. Hands said. “What the others, the critics of this plan, have to do is show what their solution will be.

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Migrants landed in Dover

“We now have a position where last year 28,500 people illegally crossed the channel to this country, which is compared to only 300 in 2018.

“Growing problem. “With this agreement with Rwanda, we have taken a bold, innovative step to take action here. I think the British are supporting that.”

He denied that Britain was relinquishing its responsibilities, saying “this is an agreement between the two sovereign states” and that Rwanda “has a very good record of accepting refugees”.

Politics is unlikely to achieve the government’s goals, says the Thor MP

Conservative MPs have widely supported the programs, but they have been criticized by Labor politicians and human rights groups. United Nations.

Some Tory lawmakers have suggested on Twitter that religious leaders should stay out of politics, saying the two archbishops had crossed the line.

Government Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg suggested that the Archbishop of Canterbury had misunderstood the aims of the policy, adding that the government was “taking on a very difficult responsibility”.

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Accommodation of migrants in Rwanda

However, former Secretary of State Andrew Mitchell, who serves as Sutton Coldfield MP, said he had “tremendous sympathy” for the government but that the policy was unlikely to achieve its goals.

“What worries me about Rwanda’s policy is that it will not achieve what they are striving for, it will be terribly expensive, we have to be very careful about taxpayers’ money right now,” he said.

Mr Mitchell added that the “danger” was that Britain would no longer be a beacon in a “terrible, difficult world” for those fleeing persecution to rely on their own salvation.

The first migrants are expected to be sent to Rwanda by charter flight in MayHowever, it may be delayed as the government anticipates legal challenges to the partnership.

Find a Better Plan Than Rwanda Migrant Plan Patel Challenges Critics | UK news

Source Find a Better Plan Than Rwanda Migrant Plan Patel Challenges Critics | UK news

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