Fiancé star Jason Hitch dies at age 45 after the Battle of Covid on the 90th

Jason Hitch, a fiancee on the 90th, died of COVID-19 at the age of 45.

The former television personality, which was a central part of Season 2 of the TLC reality show, died after complications from the illness.


90th Fianceter Jason Hitch died from Covid-19 at the age of 45Credit: Twitter


Reality star married Cassia Tavares at the show, but the pair later divorced

according to TMZJason’s sister, Shannon, said he died Tuesday night in the ICU of a Florida hospital.

Outlet claimed that Jason’s family could be with him when Jason died and held his hand at the last moment.

Shannon said Jason As far as my family knows, I was not vaccinated and had no existing medical condition.

Jason died of complications of COVID-19, but his sister speculated that there could have been other factors.

“He was an honest and honest shooter, a great officer and leader of his subordinates,” Shannon said of her brother.

Jason was a lieutenant in the Florida reserve when he wasn’t on the famous reality show.

The TV star starred in the second season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance in 2014.

At the show, he married Cassia Tavares-a Brazilian woman who moved to the United States to be with Jason.

However, they split in 2017 and eventually Jason filed for divorce in 2018.

Jason said after he applied for a divorce RadarOnline At that time, there was no “good foundation” for their relationship.

“Successful relationships are communication, physical attraction, and doing whatever you need.

“It’s time to move in another direction. I think we’ll continue to be friends. She knows that I have her greatest concern sincerely,” he explained.


He talked more about marriage and defended his ex. “She didn’t come here just to become an American citizen.

“She had a good life in Brazil. She was about to graduate from college. She didn’t have to marry me.”

As for the divorce itself, Jason said it was mutual and “not in dispute.”

“We don’t pay any dependents. We don’t dispute anything,” he said.

Jason isn’t together anymore, but he seemed proud of TLC’s roots with Cassia-even on his LinkedIn page.

His profile says: “My ex-wife Cassia and I starred in TLC’s # 1 show 90 Day Fiance in 2014.

“It was seen on Fox 5 Vegas, Action 8 News Tampa, EChannel’s The Soup, and ABC’s Nightline.

“I’ve read about me in the Bloomington Normal Pantograph, Champaign, Illinois News Gazette, Blythe Magazine, Tampa Bay Times, Hernando Today, Tampa Bay Tribune, Daily Bidette.”


Brazilian beauty came to America where she married Jason for almost three years


The couple split in 2017 and finally divorced in 2018Credit: TLC

Fiancé star Jason Hitch dies at age 45 after the Battle of Covid on the 90th

Source link Fiancé star Jason Hitch dies at age 45 after the Battle of Covid on the 90th

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