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Atlético Madrid has dealt with a significant portion of broken hearts in recent years, especially when they lost two. Champions League In the final to a rival city, Diego Simeone rebuilt the team with a core of players freed from these disappointing emotional luggage.

Luis Suarez arrived from Barcelona in the summer and has already scored 16 goals. Riga.. The defense is just as impressive, scoring only 16 goals in 23 games. Brazilian centre-back Felipe played a role in tightening the team behind. He went a long way considering that Felipe was making a DVD of his best move to send to Brazil’s second-tier clubs while Suarez scored Ajax’s goal in the Champions League. It’s done.

“Atletico is always fighting for the title,” says Felipe. “We are confident that we will be stronger this year and have improved what we did wrong last season. So we are enjoying a great moment in Liga. The Champions League is a little different. All clubs win the title. It’s strong enough for us, and one mistake here can hurt us. “

Felipe is wary of threats Chelsea Pause. After stuttering towards the end of Frank Lampard’s time, they now look solid under Thomas Tuchel, who hasn’t lost any of his seven games.The change of manager Chelsea More difficult suggestions? “I don’t think that will work. Chelsea Nothing is easy to face, “says Felipe. “They are strong and one of the best in England and we have to pay attention to them.”

Chelsea players have become accustomed to managers coming and going, but Atletico is a stable photo. After Simeone took over to Atletico, Chelsea’s dugout has nine different managers. Simeone is now in the club for ten years, but Felipe still believes he is their greatest asset. “When Simeone asks for something, he does so clearly, which is one of the reasons we trust him even more,” he says.

“He has been in the club for many years and has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly with Atleti. He believes in his work very much and it pays off. New players will soon be rewarded. As we get used to this kind of environment, we always try to be on target. We focus on teams, teams who want to play every game. Others we are worried about Teams are the only teams facing next. All Atletico players want to play every match. I don’t know if I can win the Spanish title, but I can do it. You need to maintain the thinking you need to do. “

For Felipe, things have never been so easy. When he celebrated his 18th birthday, he began to think that he might not realize his dream of becoming a soccer player. He had just started working for his girlfriend’s mother and was delivering mushrooms to restaurants and cafes. He was still playing in the amateur league in Sao Paulo. The life of a Champions League footballer felt far away while he was still competing on the Astroturf pitch.

“Previously, we received about 50 or 60 reals per game,” he says. “When you turn 18 and things go wrong, you start to doubt that they won’t change. Nevertheless, I played for the Union Mogi in Part 4 of the Campeonato Paulista and I Bruno, a friend of mine, gave me the idea of ​​making a DVD of my best highlights. Thanks to my friend and his father, Itea, for helping me achieve what I have now. need to do it.”

Bruno was a forward to Felipe’s club and knew directly how talented he was, so he advised him to make a 10-minute highlight video. Bruno’s father knew someone involved in the game, so he held a meeting. “I met this guy, gave him my DVD, and he said:” Go home and wait for me to ring you. “Two months for him to call again. It took. I continued to practice, exercise and stay healthy. “

To the delight of Felipe, the video went to a second-tier club in Brazil. “My DVD is Bragantino Director Marcelo Veiga liked me. That was a great opportunity to realize my dream and I accepted it. Felipe signed with Bragantino in 2011, played 33 times and then moved to Corinthians later that year.

It was a big step and he had to wait for a chance at first, but joined a team that traveled to Japan for the Club World Cup in December 2012. Corinthians won the tournament. Defeat Chelsea 1-0 in the final.. It is the first trophy of his career and the last trophy that non-European clubs have won the Club World Cup.

After spending some time around the team, Felipe’s career was given a big boost at this time. Brazil Manager Tight returned to Corinth in 2015. Felipe impressed the manager before the season and Tight gave him a starting point. He seized the opportunity to grow into one of the team’s leaders and win the Brasilley Run title that season.

Felipe holds the Brasileirao trophy, and Corinthians’ teammate Luciano kisses it. Photo: Friedemann Vogel / Getty Images

Porto was properly impressed and signed in 2016. Communication wasn’t always perfect, but the shared language helped me to connect with my teammates and coaches and quickly settled down. “There was a match against Sporting, who got a yellow card the moment he went down the pitch and got on the pitch,” he said with a laugh. “Kitman made a mistake by giving me a Tyquinho Soares shirt. We were very close-Tyquinho was sitting beside me-and it probably came from it. But the rest They made fun of me for a long time afterwards. They said they fell in love with Tiquinho because I didn’t want to let go of his shirt. “

Felipe said goodbye to Tiquinho and his Porto teammates in May 2019 when Simeone took him to Madrid for a € 20 million deal. The price now looks like a bargain. Worried that he might not be a soccer player on his 18th birthday, he is playing for the best team in Spain against a British club he once faced in Japan. Soccer was once a declining dream for Felipe. not anymore.

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Felipe: Atletico Madrid player owes his career to the highlight DVD | Atletico Madrid

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