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Federal Budget 2022 Live Update: Treasurer Jim Chalmers to Speech Tonight | Australian Politics

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Heavy rain warning for southeast queensland and proserpine

Part of Perth airport evacuated after fire

A small kitchen fire forced the evacuation of part of Perth Airport. AAP report.

The fire triggered alarms in Terminals 3 and 4 on Tuesday afternoon.

An airport spokeswoman said: “Following normal safety procedures, the terminal was evacuated. Airport firefighters quickly extinguished the fire.

Large crowds were forced to congregate outside the terminal, and the chaos had many contemplating delays.

Passengers were set to return home, but officials acknowledged that some departure flights were expected to be delayed.

Experts warn against budget cuts to NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which represents the industry for services, warned the government not to cut the scheme ahead of the budget.

CEO of NDS, Laurie LeeSaid:

Regarding NDIS spending, it is important to recognize that NDIS has fundamentally changed the lives of people with disabilities, and at the heart of all this is the reduction of adequate and well-thought-out systems. We must remember that it is they who are affected. Consultation with the sector. Individuals and organizations delivering life-changing and life-saving services are key to ensuring the scheme delivers on its promise.

Beyond its social benefits, NDIS is an investment in the Australian economy. For every $1 spent on NDIS, the scheme brings his $2.25 to the Australian economy as a whole, according to a per capita survey of economic consultants. From 2020 to 2021, NDIS generated $52.4 billion in value to the broader economy.

A review of the NDIS, recently released by NDIS Minister Bill Shorten, represents an opportunity to ensure that this investment is efficiently spent to effectively provide quality services to people with disabilities. I’m here. Providers have their own hands-on expertise in service delivery to contribute to the review he process.

Cruise ship passengers visiting WA test positive for Covid

Passengers and crew of the first major cruise liners to visit Western Australia have tested positive for the virus since the Covid-19 pandemic began, AAP report.

health authorities and ship operators, carnival australiadoes not disclose how many cases are on board coral princess However, it says it is being managed according to recently established protocols.

This includes a small number of people who have had the virus quarantined for five days.

After spending the day in Broome on Monday, the ship was scheduled to sail to Geraldton on Tuesday, with additional stops at Fremantle, Busselton and Albany.

WA Health said some passengers and crew had been informed that they had tested positive for Covid-19, but operators were managing those cases on board.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, “WA Health has not been asked for assistance in managing the case.

Carnival Australia President, Marguerite Fitzgeraldsaid the number of cases on board had stabilized as a result of early detection and isolation measures.

“These guests are being cared for in the staterooms by our medical and support staff,” she said in a statement.

“We are pleased to share that all cases on board have had mild or no symptoms.”

Fitzgerald said most of the ship’s 2,000 passengers were unaffected and were allowed to roam freely on board and disembark at the following locations:

This includes Geraldton, where disembarking guests are required to undergo rapid antigen testing before disembarking.

This is standard procedure and well understood by our guests to protect themselves, other guests, crew and community.

The Shire of Bloom said many of Coral Princess’ passengers had landed and spent Monday in town or taking part in organized excursions.

They said they are expected to inject about $190,000 into the local economy.

However, the local population’s reaction to the ship’s arrival was mixed.

In social media posts, some welcomed the return of cruise ships and a boost to the economy, while others expressed concern about the health risks for particularly vulnerable groups.

Large cruise ships will be banned from Washington state waters in 2020.

Those restrictions were lifted in April of this year for ships carrying up to 350 passengers.

Large ships were allowed to return from 1 October.

Get ready, fellow Melburnians.

Judgment on switching off Opal card reader postponed

Australian rail unions will have to wait until next year to know if opal card readers can legally be turned off at Sydney rail stations in an ongoing labor dispute with the New South Wales government .

On Tuesday afternoon, Judge Elizabeth Raper rejected a petition by the Rail, Tram and Bus Industry Union to expedite a hearing on whether the proposal to stop readers was legal and protected.

A judge last week bid for an expedition also backed by Sydney Trains, which is run by the New South Wales government, after saying the court was not merely an “advisor” to the organization on whether certain industrial acts were permissible. I declined.

The railroad union asked the federal court for a speedy response so it would know as soon as possible whether it could proceed without exposing the company or its members to legal risk.

On Monday, Raper also rejected another request by RTBU to step down as director in question.

Hearings are currently being held over two days in February or March next year, but dates have yet to be determined.

The court will determine whether the proposals made in August and September of this year to turn off Opal card readers were in fact industrial action protected by a voting order by the Fair Labor Commission.

The question of whether the current proposal to switch readers off, announced by the union on 16 October, constitutes industrial action will also be considered.

Unions and the government are sticking to a long-running secrecy over a new corporate deal, and are also at odds over a South Korean-built intercity train fleet that has been in storage since 2019.

Labor unions say it’s still not safe to run trains in NSW, but the government insists it is.

RTBU and Sydney Trains did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

An Opal card reader at Circular Quay station in Sydney. Photo: Lisa Marie Williams/Getty Images

Josh Taylor describes the next few hours before Tory Shepherd intervenes, when the budget embargo is lifted around 7:30 p.m. so it’s not an exact time).

We’ll look into the budget once the lockup is over, but be sure to keep checking back overnight as more coverage will be added to the website.

Thank you for having fun with Josh today. I will be back tomorrow morning.Until then, please take care of Ax

NSW SES Launches Flood Assessment in North State

The Bureau of Meteorology has lowered its warning for several locations on the East Coast today, predicting widespread heavy rains will ease.

NSW SES Deputy Commissioner, Daniel AustinNSW SES members said they conducted 452 damage assessments, mostly in molly When Gunnedahresponded to 559 help requests in the last 24 hours (3pm to 3pm).

The threat of flooding remains in many parts of the state as the main flood peak moves downstream and road closures continue, even as the weather eased over the next few days.

Storms are still a possibility and can cause flash floods, which can saturate watersheds regardless of rainfall, creating dangerous conditions, so be careful with drivers.

There were 126 flood warnings issued this afternoon (Tuesday, October 25), including 24 emergency warnings for some areas. Gwydir, Namoy When Malay river.

With 7,000 people still affected by emergency alerts, NSW SES members are working with emergency services partners to help residents in the western and southwestern parts of the state stranded by the floods. molly, Gunnedah When Moama.

This, in addition to the large-scale flooding along the river, Macquarie, Bogan, Lachlan, barwon, darling When McIntyre river.

As the situation evolves rapidly, we are asking community members to follow the instructions of emergency services, obey road signs, and stay clear of the floodwaters.

ABC appoints new editorial director

Managing Director of ABC, David Anderson announced the appointment of Judith Whelan Appointed editor-in-chief in February 2023.

Currently Regional and Local Director of ABC, Whelan is one of Australia’s most respected editorial leaders and brings over 30 years of journalism experience to the role.

Whelan replaced Craig McMurtry recently announced his retirement.

Anderson He said ABC’s editorial policies, standards and processes go hand in hand with Judith’s decision to take on this very important role.

ABC’s responsibility as the most trusted media provider is more important than ever, and I am delighted that Judith is taking on this important leadership position.

The Australian public and ABC employees can be confident that journalists and editorial leaders like Judith will support fearless independent public interest journalism while ensuring that ABC continues to meet high editorial standards. increase.

With the newly announced role of ABC Ombudsman, ABC is committed to upholding the highest and most rigorous standards of journalism and production.

Since joining ABC in 2016, Judith has led the team through change and growth, delivering enhanced content and services to its audience.

As Regional and Regional Director since 2019, Judith has been a tireless advocate for the stories and reports of our teams working in the capital, rural and local communities, ensuring that Australians everywhere have access to the content they need. to This is especially important during emergency broadcast events.

We congratulate Judith on her contributions to ABC and look forward to working with her in the future.

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