Featured Stock: Lions Use New Vodafone Technology Platform

Featured Equity: British & Irish Lions Research Players Using New Vodafone Technology Platform

Pandemic travel bans and declining smartphone sales have hurt Vodafone’s stock, but the new intriguing partnership gives a glimpse of potential future revenues.

The Telecom Giants will launch Player.Connect, a technology platform for sports coaches and medical staff, tomorrow.

This software will be used by coaches of the British & Irish Lions Rugby Tour in South Africa next month. Matches everything from player injuries and heart rates to sleep patterns and diet. The effects of tackling with the connected mouthguard are also displayed.

Innovation: Player.Connect is used by coaches of the British & Irish Lions Rugby Tour in South Africa

This link-up will take place in 2019 after the acquisition of IoT.nxt, a specialist in the Internet of Things (network of connected devices). Vodafone estimates that the market is worth £ 3 billion by 2024.

Business Director Anne Sheehan said: “Other industries are using this technology, from researching remote sensors in the fisheries industry to monitoring carbon production in forests.”

Vodafone hopes that the Lions partnership will be able to provide a remarkable demonstration of technology in other elite sports and industries.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for remote analysis of player and enterprise performance.

Sheehan added: ‘This IoT platform is a Vodafone game changer. Whether you’re a rugby player or a water network, collecting and monitoring data requires a number of sources, which bring it all together.

“The Lions Tour provides the perfect showcase of what this technology can do, from analyzing player performance to recovery, sleep and diet. Coaches have access to vast amounts of data in one place. This not only protects and maximizes the player, but also makes the task much easier.

Rolls-Royce long-term outlook

Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce, is trying to highlight the company’s long-term outlook as the aviation crisis has hit engine makers.

We hope to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and increase investment in green fuels and technology.

Rolls-Royce spent £ 1.4 billion on research and development in 2019. That number reduced Covid’s crunch to £ 1.25 billion last year, but East tells me there is an “upward move” to return to previous levels as aviation recovers.

The plan is to increase spending on green initiatives from 50% of the current R & D budget to 75% by 2025.

Investors interested in the monotonous world of packaging

The blockade of online shopping has stimulated investors’ interest in the monotonous world of packaging.

DS Smith, a cardboard box maker that counts Amazon as a customer, will announce its annual results this week.

At £ 4.21, the stock has been at its highest for almost three years, as the blockade continues to boost sentiment around the company. Profit for the year to April 30, 2021 is expected to be £ 237m, compared with £ 368m in the previous year.

Analysts hope to exceed £ 350m this fiscal year.

They also want to hear if inflation is pushing up material costs and the outlook for dividends.

Congested roads have a knock-on effect on insurance companies

Many highways and trails are as crowded as they were before the pandemic, giving car insurers a knock-on effect. Credit Suisse scriblers can suffer from this trend under pressure from increasing claims.

The blockade reduced the number of claims last year. The Admiral paid £ 110m for a “stay-at-home order”.

Credit Suisse analysts say Admiral’s stock, which closed at £ 32.09 last week, is currently worth only £ 23.


Featured Stock: Lions Use New Vodafone Technology Platform

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