Fear of Iran’s “President-elect” Ebrahim “Butcher” Raishi tortured a pregnant woman and threw people off a cliff

The infamous priests, ready to be appointed as Iran’s next leader, are torture murderers who spread fear and bloodshed around the world, claiming those who say they suffered in his hands. ..

Ebrahim Raishi, 60, is a runaway favorite of seven candidates competing to replace incumbent President Hassan Rouhani, 72, in the elections this Friday.


Ebrahim Raisi, 60, is the most popular person to become Iran’s president-elect.Credit: AP


He is one of the seven candidates standing in this Friday’s electionsCredit: AFP


Convicted prisoners hanging in IranCredit: AFP


Whiplash is also a common place in hard-line regimes

Sun Online can reveal that hardliners have ordered the torture of pregnant women, prisoners have been thrown off cliffs, people have been whipped with electrical cords, and have monitored countless other brutal acts of violence.

The so-called “1988 Butcher” is the preferred choice of the ruthless administration of Islamic republic. Iran The press now calls him an “unmatched candidate.”

As head of Iran’s judiciary, the traditionalist priest is a close ally of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has been confident after holding an important position in power for over 40 years. I’m getting it.

However, activists have very different views on Raishi because they claim that Raishi is involved. Mass executions and horrific torture The number of political prisoners in the 1980s.

He was reportedly a key member of the so-called “death committee,” which ordered the 1988 massacre to kill thousands.

In 1980, at the age of only 20, Raisi was appointed prosecutor of the Karaj Revolutionary Court in western Tehran and was promoted to Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran by 1988.

He then became one of four individuals selected to carry out the massacre of imprisoned activists at the People’s Mojahedine Organization of Iran (PMOI).

Approximately 30,000 men, women and children in prisons throughout Iran were lined up on the wall and shot dead within just a few months, say those fighting to expel the administration. ..

Raisi is just the product of a monster-producing regime

Mahmoud Royaee

Farideh Goudarzi was eight months pregnant when he said he was confiscated by Iranian authorities for the support of PMOI, also known as Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK).

However, despite her condition, she told Sun Online that she was subject to the horrific and brutal torture that was regularly carried out in the Islamic Republic at the time.

She said she first encountered the brutal Raishi when she was dragged into a court torture chamber at the age of 21 in the summer of 1983.

She claims he was one of seven men who were tasked with torturing her after she was detained.


Farideh Goudarzi claims to have been tortured by Raisi’s minions during pregnancy


Faride’s son in his father’s grave


Raisi came to power as a state-designated official, only 20 years old.

She told The Sun Online exclusively: “My husband was arrested two days before I was arrested. My brother was also detained.

“When I was arrested, I was immediately taken to the torture chamber, which was in the basement of a court in Hamedan.

“They took me to a room with different sized cables on the floor.

“There was a lot of blood on the beds and floors. It was clear that another political prisoner was being tortured in front of me.”

What Faride didn’t know at the time was that the blood belonged to her husband and was later hung from a crane.


She continued. “When I was arrested, I was pregnant and the doctor said my child was born only a week away.

“Because of my condition, they couldn’t lie down on me, so I slapped them instead. They also slapped my face.

“There were about 7-8 torturers. One of the men was a young man with curly hair, about 23 years old.”

She later learned that the stranger was Raishi, who was a Hamedan prosecutor at the time.

“He was standing there watching the pregnant woman lashing,” she revealed.


Faride’s son embraced by his brother-in-law


Faride’s son did not know his father after being born in prison

Execution and torture in Iran

Iran executes executions about 250 times a year. This is most countries in the world except China.

Islamic criminal law can result in death sentences for crimes such as kidnapping, adultery, drinking, political crime, and murder.

Victims can also use tools like the guillotine to amputate their fingers for minor theft counts, leaving only the thumb and palm.

A 12-year-old child can also be sentenced to death, which violates international law.

According to human rights groups, torture is believed to be widespread in Iranian prisons, including electric shocks, whipping, waterboarding, and sexual violence against prisoners.

The latest figures show that nothing has been done recently, but stoning for adultery remains in the statutory.

A prison electric shock sees victims tied up in chairs, forced to confess their crimes, or exercised power.

“One of the most ruthless and relentless people I met in prison was Ebrahim Raisi.

Faride says Raishi really deserves his nickname, the butcher, and that all torture and execution orders were inherited from him.

Fairde took a picture of her husband (sorts the grabs) and told him that he was one of the people killed in the genocide.

She said he was hanged by a 24-year-old crane after being tortured for several days. The son was born in prison and had never met his father.

Faride’s brother was also executed in 1988 after being sentenced by a butcher.

She believes Raishi was chosen for power at such a young age. He was infamously brutal-the administration enjoyed the stoning and headlines he ordered.

She said: “Relentless people are the kind of people who have been placed in an important position by the administration.”


Protests in Iran demand the end of a ruthless administrationCredit: AFP

Faride, who currently lives in Albania, says that if Raisi gets the best job, it will be disastrous for the people of Iran and the rest of the world.

“For more executions, more oppression, and more murders for our people,” she said.

“And for the international community, the threat from more terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism will increase.

“Raishi is the true image of the priestly government. The message from our people is that we must overthrow this government.

“For the past 40 years, there has been non-stop resistance to this regime and large amounts of blood have spilled. We will never stop and will eventually overcome them.”

But for the administration to collapse, the West needs to play a huge role, she says.


Mahmoud Royaee talked about his own torture by Raisi and his minions.

It is a recurring view of an 18-year-old student by Mahmood Royae, who was rounded up by Iranian authorities for “thinking crime.”

He has written five books about his life behind the bar and the crimes committed against those who confronted the hard-line regime.

Royaee spent 10 years in a tortured prison after being offered the opportunity to make a television confession, but he refused.

Mahmood was later convicted of “war with God” and was said to be “worthy of being killed.”

But he claims that his only “crime” was to read newspapers and support freedom.

He escaped territory only when his father “spent a lot of money” to shorten his death sentence to 10 years in hell prison.


Iran’s presidential candidate stands after election debate in Tehran’s television studioCredit: Reuters

Mahmood expected that the torture he endured during the interrogation would stop when he was imprisoned. He was wrong.

Hours after entering the prison, his head and eyebrows were shaved by security guards and he was forced to eat them.

“Raishi once beat a prisoner with an electric cable. When he first hit the sole of his foot, he tried to count, but it wasn’t possible because of the pain.

“He was also one of their rare judges who signed a religious ruling that someone would be thrown off a cliff. Raishi is just the product of a monster-producing regime.”

“I can’t imagine this evil creature being able to take the presidency,” Mahmood added. “The families of all those killed are unacceptable.”

He is now calling on the international community to spend time with Iran’s archaic leaders.

Mahmood said the idea that Raishi could be elected and accepted by the international community would be unbearable to the relatives of the murdered people.

“The mitigation of the administration’s actions has made it possible for Raishi to stand as a preferred candidate for the president, so the international community should participate in the criticism.

“Raishi will be used as a wolf to scare the people of Iran. What are the other reasons to put hated people around the world in such an important position?

“The people of Iran do not expect the international community to follow the so-called reconciliation policy.”

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Fear of Iran’s “President-elect” Ebrahim “Butcher” Raishi tortured a pregnant woman and threw people off a cliff

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