FE College and EdTech Collaborate in Providing Coding Skills-

Covid-19 destroyed life and livelihood. How quickly it recovers then depends on the thoughtful and coordinated actions of governments, businesses and education.

Unemployment has dropped significantly, especially in the retail and hospitality industries, with thousands of primarily young workers in need of new career opportunities. Students are, of course, worried about the future. Covid has robbed them of most of their college experience, so it is important to protect the direct consequences of their efforts: good work or good work prospects.

Four organizations in the skills and education sector are taking a proactive approach by working with white papers that provide a practical response to the seriousness of the employment crisis caused by Covid and Brexit. How Further Education Meets the Industry’s Demand for Software Skills, Combining the experience and expertise of Newcastle College, Gateway Qualifications, Code Institute and South East LEP, FE College provides a roadmap for strengthening the demanding skills that lead to employment.

The white paper was conducted to provide context and incentives for others in the field of higher education to start the conversation.

Further education can make an important contribution. FE College has a particularly close relationship with the community and is capable of responding to the growing realism among employers that an apprentice-style recruitment model is the best way to provision the required technical skills.

FE College is detained. They recognize the demand for recognized qualifications to skill up or re-skill people in order to get a technical job. And while doing so in a relatively short amount of time, not only do we create such courses, but we also lack resources. But to provide teaching.

Newcastle College has found a way through this and is currently enrolling learners in a new gateway qualification. Level 5 Diploma in Web Application Development.. Qualifications were funded through the Advanced Learner Loan mechanism, provided by the Code Institute, a third-party online education platform, and created by Gateway Qualifications.

What is indisputable for Newcastle College is that courses are offered flexibly to the complex real life of the community, provide learners with the opportunity to change their lives quickly within a year, and finance. It was immediately accessible. .. The Code Institute has a 90% consistent employment record and is widely recognized in the business and IT industry. Both help shape the course content and continue to relate to the employer’s requirements.

Andrew Nicholson, Head of Digital Technology at Newcastle College and working with online distribution experts, has provided Newcastle College with a rapid start-up of agility through the Code Institute and Gateway Qualification. We do this on our own because the resources and time frame required to develop the platform are very large. “

Since its launch in December, Newcastle has already onboarded the first learner cohort with an application for a second cohort that will open soon. These learners will graduate and find employment in early 2022.

Companies across the UK are accelerating demand for web application, software development, and coding skills as operations move online, but the gap continues to widen as the shortage of well-skilled workers continues. doing. “The lack of connectivity-the basic lack of kits-prevents young people and adults from having the opportunity to participate in training and become part of society,” said Southeast LEP’s skill lead launching £. Louise Aitken says. A 2 million procurement initiative to re-skill local communities hit hard by Covid-19. “Part of the program is a package of digital connections, because local employers have told us many times. They need people with digital skills,” Aitken added. I will.

IIn the southeast, a good example of this partnership approach is co-investment in Stansted Airport College. This is one of SELEP’s capital investments worth over £ 40m. SELEP, Harlow College, Essex County Council, and the airport have invested in this facility.

Newcastle College quickly found an opportunity. As a continuing education university, it can play a much more practical role in connecting communities and the job market. By adopting the Code Institute’s program, we support those who are not serviced by the local community: flexible and cost-effective, especially those looking for a quick route to their career or a career change. I’m in control.

It could be a lot of people as the dust settles after Covid-19 and the whole picture of its destruction becomes clear.

You can download Click here for white paper To read it completely.

visit https://codeinstitute.net/rqf/ For more information

FE College and EdTech Collaborate in Providing Coding Skills-

Source link FE College and EdTech Collaborate in Providing Coding Skills-

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