Faye and Teddy share a wonderful new home: “We are very lucky”

Love island Finalist Fay Winter When Teddy Soares After buying their first place together as a couple, they revealed their stunning new home.

The plan was in the pipeline for a while, as 26-year-old letting manager Fay had often talked about the couple’s desire to sign a dotted line and rebuild their property since leaving the villa this summer. ..

Fay and Teddy, a 26-year-old financial consultant, were finally completed and couldn’t wait to post a series of iconic snapshots for all of their followers to see. After a glimpse early in the day.

The house is large and spacious, with a statement staircase in the middle of the corridor.

Faye and Winter finally shared the interior of their new home

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Dark wood banisters on retro mustard yellow carpets also team up with the old-fashioned atmosphere. Faye informed his followers that he plans to make many changes along the way.

“HOME”, a gorgeous blonde started her excited post.

“I am very fortunate to be able to share this wonderful journey with you and with you!

“We have a lot to do and can’t wait to show you everything along the way!”

Faye and Teddy couldn't resist having an affair on their new stairs
Faye and Teddy couldn’t resist having an affair on their new stairs

Faye went on to say that she and Teddy released their news to the world after moving to a new home and having fun in private.

“I’ve enjoyed this step in a bubble of just two people for the last few days, but now I can’t wait to show you everything!” Hoshi declared.

With a glass of champagne in his hand, Faye and Teddy unveiled a wonderful new life adventure, instantly seeing them cheating on the stairs and unable to stop the radiance.

Teddy turned her girlfriend upside down while she stuck her tongue out at the camera.

Faye and Teddy will move together this weekend
Faye and Teddy have moved to a new home

Couple’s Love island All my friends celebrated the movement of life.

“Congratulations to everyone,” praised Welsh bricklayer and Love Island winner Liam Riadon.

Brett Staniland joked. “Where are the bunk beds going?”

“Believe in you from the beginning and see how far you have come,” another fan spouted.

As Faye recently announced Her next move to create her own home-style business, Start with a new account on her Instagram page.

Faye and Teddy maintain their homes in Devon and London while working on a new property.

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Faye and Teddy share a wonderful new home: "We are very lucky"

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