Fay Winter shows fans around a gorgeous new home in the first home tour video

Fay Winter Announced her and partner Teddy SoaresA brand new home tonight when she launched a new venture.

former Love island A star and a real estate expert have launched her new YouTube channel. Fay Home -And took the fans around her and Teddy’s property search journey.

With a camera, a hilarious TV star, 26, looks for her “stressful” property, what she and her boyfriend looked like, and before finally settling into “one.” We talked about “too many places”.

In an exclusive interview with all right! last week, Faye reveals that she and 26-year-old Teddy are “borrowing for now”, Because they still didn’t want to promise to buy their place.

Faye seemed excited when she introduced the video

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But she is pleased that their landlords are “very flexible” and “do whatever we want to do”, even though their new home on the outskirts of London is for rent. I added that it is allowed in.

Now born and raised, the Devonshire girl had her fans look at her and Teddy’s first home together. She admits that she needs a TLC.

Visiting her Faye Home YouTube channel on Sunday, November 14th, Faye posted her first official video titled “OUR NEW HOME REVEALED”.

The video shows Fay sitting in Teddy’s spare room with one of her, “Oh, we’re on YouTube, yes, yes! This is our first YouTube. Talking to the camera It’s a little weird. “

They previously posted some snaps on their grand staircase
They previously posted some snaps on their grand staircase

“We talk about all real estate, you know I was a realtor for 10 years, I know … 10 years! Now you why I have Botox Want to know? “

The star continued. “So, a few weeks ago, I posted all the views I made on Instagram, and you guys loved it.

“Everyone said,’Fay, OMG, why didn’t you tell me?

The star then said no to her and Teddy for a variety of reasons, including lack of space, the wrong place, and an incredibly noisy place for air traffic too close to Heathrow Airport. Guided the property to the viewer.

And finally, Faye ended up with her and Teddy’s new home. And that’s what they moved last week.

Faye and Teddy have moved to a new home
Faye and Teddy have moved to a new home

She states: “So I’ve kept it secret for long enough, so I’ll introduce it to you. We know it loves it for all the little features and how eccentric it is. So enjoy watching the people in our new home. “

The short teaser on the tour first showed off the couple’s large kitchen diner. Currently, there is a large open plan kitchen overlooking the front of the house.

Black shiny doors and white worktops fill the large room, and there’s plenty of counter space for couples to cook.

Faye quickly panned one of their living spaces and showed off an incredible original wood-burning stove.

It even has a huge inset fireplace that will look beautiful when decorated for Christmas.

After a glance at the living space, Fay took us upstairs to see one of the bedrooms with a private bathroom.

Its decoration, with creamy marble tiles and wooden shelves, is outdated, but Faye has already promised to stamp his old-fashioned building.

Finally, Hoshi took us out to the garden and showed off the vast backyard of her and her boyfriend, who had plenty of space to host the party.

Fay then crouched in his bedroom and revealed in the next video, released Sunday, November 21, that he would take the viewer in detail to his new home.

It started as a YouTube series, has social content for all her followers, plans to expand, and has a line of household items.

OK! Speaking of which, Faye told me exactly what to expect from Faye Home.

She states: “The Instagram account runs alongside the YouTube channel. It covers me and Teddy’s refurbishment, makes some rooms within budget, and upcycls some things.

“As you know … knowing what I’m talking about, it will be a bit off the norm for your standard home account!”

Fay added, “I was going to have fun with the real estate agent I know very well and had a lot of trouble giving up the show.”

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Fay Winter shows fans around a gorgeous new home in the first home tour video

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