Father “ghost” after mother and daughter skeptical of vaccine died in Covid

Mother and daughter who refused both COVID-19 vaccination After being infected with the virus, they died within a few weeks of each other.

Sammi-Jo Forde, 32, died at Ulster Hospital in the eastern suburbs. Belfast Saturday. It was two weeks after his mother, 55-year-old Heather Maddan, who was being treated in the same ward just two beds away, died on August 31st.

Førde’s father said neither his daughter nor his former partner had been vaccinated, adding that his “world” had been “crushed” by their death.

Talk in BBC Radio Ulster No Run Show, Kevin McCallister said the event would “trouble” him for the rest of his life.

“I lost my best friend’s daughter,” he told a radio show.

Førde, a mother of four who lived in Groomsport, has a husband and four children, and her eldest son is 13 years old.

She and her mother, whom McAllister described as “very intimate,” lived together and worked as home care workers at home, caring for the elderly.

“They worked together, lived together, and died together,” McAllister said.

Førde, who is said to have had no basic health, sent a text message to his father while he was being treated at the hospital, saying, “Dad, the mummy has died.”

Madhan’s funeral will take place on September 13th, and her daughter’s funeral will take place on September 20th in Hollywood, County Down.

“I never thought I would bury my daughter in my life,” McAllister said.

Førde is understood to have died of heart complications from the coronavirus.

“She was a healthy 32-year-old girl and she just couldn’t cope, so she finally got heart failure,” her father said.

McAllister, who also has two sons, said he didn’t understand why the pair decided not to have a jab.

“I don’t want [on] Anyone I’m experiencing, “he told the BBC. “The rest of my life, it bothers me.”

In the weeks leading up to her death, Ms. Madhan shared a series of Covid-19 conspiracy theories on social media, sharing posts that would have been threatened by her employer if the nurse didn’t have a jab. bottom.

McAllister urged “many people who weren’t sitting there to take the vaccine” to rethink their decisions.

“They are unaware of what they are leaving,” he added, adding that “to pick up the pieces” are left to family and loved ones.

McAllister argued that people should be vaccinated against Covid, “I hope people sometimes listen to experts, because that’s their expert.”

Father “ghost” after mother and daughter skeptical of vaccine died in Covid

Source link Father “ghost” after mother and daughter skeptical of vaccine died in Covid

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